Xeroom Presales Advice


Presales advice about Xeroom for Q&A, onboarding, training etc.  Delivered via zoom.

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Presales Advice Service – This also covers up to 1 hour of presales help by Zoom on things such as phone calls, online meetings, training, system design/achitecture for links to other shops etc. that you need in order to evaluate whether Xeroom is the right application for you and your organisation.  Covered in 1-2 meetings.

Why do we charge for presales work? – We have kept the price of Xeroom as low as possible for our customers, many of whom are IT professionals, who understand the complexity of our plugin and are happy to do things themselves without any presales assistance.  It is impossible for us to recover presales costs on the purchase price of our software as it is so low, unlike an ERP or accounting system implementation for example which costs thousands of pounds.  If we didn’t charge for our services then we would have to either refuse to provide it or else increase the licence prices for everyone in order to cover it.  We concluded that the fairest way is to provide the services people want and charge a low fixed-price fee (less than the typical hourly rate for a qualified accountant or IT contractor).

Refunds – This service is non-refundable.