Bulk Product SKU Code Load


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Bulk Product SKU Code Load into Xero and WooCommerce

For existing or new users we take the headache out of doing a bulk load of all your codes into both Xero and WooCommerce.  Xeroom uses the product SKU to link products in Xero with products in WooCommerce. Each time a new order is placed the SKU is checked in Xero and if it exists then is used but if not then a new product is created using the SKU in WooCommerce or if those don’t exist then the Product ID from WooCommerce.  This enables the order to be created and checkout to complete but some of the information that is used in Xero such as the Inventory Asset Account and purchases cost price are missing which means that inventory synch with Xero or product purchases can’t be handled. This happens order-by-order and no mass bulk synchronisation process is done between the two systems.  To have a clean start it is a good idea to do a bulk product upload from Woo to Xero when you do the installation.

Your web builder should be able to do this or if you prefer we offer this as a separate extra service which takes 3-4 hours of work.  We will download all your existing codes from Xero or WooCommerce into a spreadsheet for you to then edit and add your preferred SKU codes and inventory figures to.  The sheet will show you the codes that are missing from each and both systems.  We will then upload them into the two systems so that Xeroom can then use both sets of codes to link them properly and so you have a unified system.  You can check the codes and we will do two further rounds of uploads to deal with any changes or modifications that you want. Please go here for further information.