Review of Xeroom vs WooCommerce Xero Link

Limitations of WooCommerce Xero Extension

WooCommerce upgraded their offering in October 2016  to catch up with some of Xeroom’s functionality and there are some similarities in for example the way the two plugins communicate with Xero.  However it still lags far behind Xeroom in a number of important areas and lacks a lot of the basic functionality needed to make your system run smoothly:


  1. The extension is not approved by Xero – it does not follow Xero’s partner application protocol for secure communications to the Xero API.
  2. Pricing – It is far more expensive at $79/year compared to $97 for a premium lifetime licence from Xeroom.
  3. No Unlimited Free Trial – Why not let your prospective customers “try before they buy” and make up their own minds?
  4. VAT/Goods sales tax account  – Cannot be set which is important for your clearance accounts to run correctly and VAT returns to be correct.
  5. No option to hold product prices inclusive or exclusive of sales tax in WooCommerce.
  6. Inventory – No synching of inventory data either way.
  7. No choice of creating an invoice paid or unpaid in Xero.
  8. No automatic creation of unmatched products in Xero.
  9. No 2-Way Dataflow – No data can be synched from Xero to WooCommerce which means you have to manually import new products or changes in prices that you make in Xero
  10. No Xero matching – Invoices are simply dumped across and amounts posted to the appropriate accounts.  They cannot be set to pick up the relevant Xero codes with accompanying descriptions and prices to harmonise the invoices with the rest of the invoices created in Xero ie to set Xero as the price and description master.  This can mean different descriptions and prices between your two systems for the same products.
  11. No historic dataloader – there is no ability to upload historic invoices in bulk.  This powerful tool is essential if you have an existing install of Woocommerce or Xero and want them to reflect the complete picture not just from when you linked them.
  12. WooCommerce’s Focus – They are not accountants and are focused on making their plugin better than their direct e-commerce competitors such as Magneto and Cubecart.  As a result their offering has and will continue to be minimalist plus their upgrades, knowledge and support will reflect this.

Other Competitor Offerings?

I have come across a number of general data migration tools that claim to be suitable for use with woocommerce and Xero.  I have no experience of using them but they appear to me to be very superficial and not deal with any of the real practical issues of the necessary dataflows between the two applications.  Most of them seem to just dump a flat copy of an order into Xero without much if any consideration for the accounting implications.  They also have very limited options, flexibility and little sign of enhancements being released.  Only Xeroom can properly future-proof your e-commerce setup!