WooCommerce to Xero Accounts Integration Plugin

Add the power of Xero Accounts to your WooCommerce site

What is Xeroom?

Xeroom is a WordPress plugin that will link your WooCommerce store to your Xero accounts software to create an integrated and powerful, easy-to-manage ecommerce system that will save you and your bookkeeper hours of time.

Get accurate up-to-date information

Post Orders in Real-Time

True intelligent integration of orders, customers, inventory, discounts, prices & taxes.

Automatic, seamless and powerful integration

Save Hours of Time

No need to re-enter your customer, product, tax and order data into Xero.

Why waste time fixing mistakes?

Avoid Errors

Accurate results that stop costly & unprofessional invoice and accounting errors.

Avoid stock-outs and lost sales!

Synchronise Product Inventories

Track real-time inventory across Xero and WooCommerce.

Xero WordPress Plugin

Xeroom is the only WordPress plugin to properly integrate WooCommerce with Xero. It provides easy management and control of the whole process and works with the popular WooCommerce plugins.

WooCommerce Accounting Integration

Xeroom is not an external complex third-party platform or ETL tool that has to be learned and managed. It is built to be simple to use and easy to maintain.

Designed by Accountants

Xeroom has been designed by chartered accountants, bookkeepers and IT professionals with many practical useful features and benefits to enable the ecommerce financial process to flow smoothly.

Coded by the Best

Xeroom has been coded and tested by a team from one of the Word’s best specialist WooCommerce plugin developers, to the highest standards to ensure reliability and stability.

Intelligent Integration

Xeroom doesn’t just upload a flat file of data into Xero like most of our ETL competitors do. It posts the data intelligently so that it can be easily and usefully used within Xero by bookkeepers and accountants.


10 Years of Development

Xeroom started life in CubeCart years before WooCommerce ever existed. 6 Years ago it was ported over to WordPress and has been continuously enhanced since then with many practical useful features.

Management Control

Full management of how the orders are posted into Xero. Order upload feature allow orders from other shops like eBay and Amazon to be posted in one go into Xero. Bulk uploader enables large numbers of orders to be uploaded for migrations.


Real-time Bulk Inventory Synch

All product inventory can be synched hourly between WooCommerce and Xero and vice-versa. This enables stock to be kept accurate and up-to-date both on-line and in-house for telephone orders entered outside of your website.

Orders in WooCommerce

Generate Invoices in Xero

Xeroom delivers real value

Features & Benefits

Xeroom provides an essential WooCommerce integration that brings numberous benefits.

Unlock the Power of Xero

Xero has 2m users and is growing at 40% compund per annum. It has overtaken QuickBooks as the leading accounting application for small-to-medium sized businesses. Access to it provides you with full control of your business:

  • Get accurate accounts and balances.
  • Management and control inventory
  • Get weekly sales analysis and reporting
  • Do real-time VAT & sales tax reporting
  • Do monthly Profit & Loss statements
  • Get annual accounts and tax returns
  • Add a professional look.

Xero is a great tool that helps you control and run your business giving you a professional edge. However without being connected to your online stores it will not have up-to-date accurate and detailed data on which to work with leading to a loss of benefits.

Save Hours of Wasted Time

Xeroom makes life easy freeing you and your staff up for more productive tasks:

  • Updated in real-time
  • Updated accurately
  • Updated how you want
  • Saves your bookkeeper time
  • Saves your accountant time
  • Saves you money

Bookkeepers and accountants are not cheap so why waste money doing more work with them than they need to? Ask your bookkeeper how long he/she spends on copying data and reconciling data between your WooCommerce, bank and Xero systems. Once all the sales, payments and refunds data is in Xero things can be done quickly and easily.

Avoid Costly Errors

Each needless error has an impact on time and cost by expensive bookkeepers to sort it out.  More important is the hassle and unprofessional image it creates with your customers.

Xeroom will help eliminate this as it is coded by one of the World’s top WooCommerce plugin developers.  It has been subject to hundreds of manhours of testing to ensure the highest quality of code to deliver the accounting functionality required.

Understand Your Sales

Xeroom enables you to track sales properly and generates the data for Xero to then fully report on these key dimensions:

  • Sales by day/week/month/year
  • Sales by product
  • Sales by customer geography
  • Sales by value
  • Customers by value
  • Territory by value
  • Products by value

Identifying your valuable products, customers and territories is key to growing you business and maximising your profitability. Xeroom captures and posts the data needed to make this sort of analysis possible.

Mange the Order Posting Process

Xeroom doesn’t just dump a flat file of transactional data into Xero like most of its competitors. It posts the data into the relevant accounts within Xero using many settings provided. Settings include:

  • Post customer and order data by line
  • Post sales discounts & coupons
  • Post payments
  • Set sales accounts for products
  • Set sales account for shipping
  • Set sales account for geography
  • Set sales account for product
  • Set payment accounts for each checkout
  • Use Xero or WooCommerce product price and desc
  • Set simple or complex GST/VAT
  • Generate credit notes automatically
  • Set inventory synch schedule
  • Set invoice creation date and trigger
  • Send orders in batches
  • Set bulk data uploads
  • Notes added to orders
  • Debug screen

All of these can be easily set by the user and a user-friendly colour coded order management screen makes it easy to manage the order posting process.

Makes Digital Tax a Breeze

From April 2019 in the UK HMRC requires access to the detailed invoices behind the returns in an approved accounting software application for all VAT registered businesses. Summary figures and audit reports are no longer sufficient.

  • Must now file via an online system
  • Xero is approved for digital tax
  • Detailed invoices are now required
  • Create these invoices automatically
  • Save bookkeeping time & costs

Xeroom reduces this burden and helps you to quickly and easily get compliant with this new digital tax.

You stay in control

Manage Your Order Posting Process

Xeroom modifies the order screen with an extra column to show the colour coded status in Xero.

At a glance you can easily see which orders have been posted to Xero and whether paid or unpaid or refunds with credit notes. You can make a selection of which orders to process and post them or payments or refunds to Xero. You can also set them to be done automatically.

Business Intelligence

Understand Your Business Performance

With Xeroom and Xero you can now generate some real intelligence and understanding of how your business is performing at a detailed level.

Business intelligence is no longer the preserve of the large corporations.  Xeroom allows the full benefits of Xero to be deployed on your WooCommerce sales data with sales analysis by product groups, geographies and other tracking categories. This gives you new insight with the power and ability to see where value is created, with which customers, which products or services and in which territories.

You can also easily see which products, customers and markets are costing you money. Easily share your reports with your colleagues so you can make decisions quickly and respond to changing and challenging market conditions.

Manhours of development and testing on Xeroom

$ Investment in Xeroom

Years of development and improvements

No of installations

We strive to excel where others fail

Customer Ratings

We have invested many manhours of effort into making Xeroom the best Xero integration plugin on the market today. See how our customers rate Xeroom.

  • Features 98% 98%
  • Design 96% 96%
  • Easy of use 95% 95%
  • Reliability 98% 98%
  • Ease of Installation 85% 85%
  • Documentation 75% 75%
  • Support 92% 92%
  • Updates & Bug fixes 98% 98%
  • Value for money 100% 100%

 Xeroom Leads – Others follow

Who Are We?

We are a small team of experienced financial IT professionals with many years experience of finance systems ranging from small company to large corporations. Predominantly from a Sage accounting and Oracle financials background we also have a certified bookkeeper and retain a multidisciplined firm of World-class WooCommerce plugin experts to provide the development and ensure top-quality coding to the highest standards.


Disclaimer – We are not Xero

We are a completely separate independent entity to Xero and are neither owned by them nor a certified partner.  They have no involvement with us, are not affiliated in any way and Xero do not endorse or sponsor any of our products.  All Xero logos are used under the nominative fair use doctrine.




All communications between your website, Xeroom and Xero are made in a fully encrypted state under the Oauth2 protocol using dedicated security keys.



Inventory checks are made in real-time while a customer checks out. Order posting can be triggered by different order statuses.


Totals are checked in the created Xero invoices for rounding errors and any found are posted to a specific account to ensure consistency and integrity. GST/VAT discrepancies are also handled in a similar way.


Coded to Latest WordPress Standards

Xeroom is coded by a specialist firm of WooCommerce financial plugin developers who have developed some of the most popular plugins on the market.


Xeroom is compatible with many of the more popular WooCommerce plugins including most pdf invoice ones, Wholesale Products, Product Bundles and Subscriptions. Others are being added regularly.


Business Intelligence

By capturing the Xero Tracking categories Xeroom enables these to be used with your WooCommerce data and resultant BI reports to be created in Xero. So for example monthly revenues can be broken out by product categories, geographies, branches, cost centres, channel.

Xeroom adds value in so many ways

Process Features

Xeroom is powerful, robust, safe and secure. We ensure it always works within a few days of new releases of WordPress and WooCommerce and it can be relied upon to be an essential stable part of your ecommerce infrastructure.

Pays for itself within weeks!

Great Value Prices

Xeroom is available as an annual licence subscription that covers unlimited use, web-based support and updates. We charge a low price needed to cover our substantial development costs as well as provide a decent support service.  Xeroom costs less than an hour of a average accountant’s time. Buy the licence with as little or as much help as you need. Half-price offer for charities, clubs and schools.

$0 per site
Free Trial
7-Days Money Back for any reason
No risk, No cost
100% Satisfaction
No commitment
No limitations
No investment
See the benefits
Full version
Free support
$97 per incident
Presales & Fix
Fixed price/item choice of:
Troubleshooting installation
Fix Xero connection issues
Presales advice by phone <1 hr
Presales analysis or consulting <1 hr
Presales testing or training
Plugin compatibility check


$97 per annum
Starter Licence
Annual subscription
Easy to get started
44 time-saving features
Upgrade to Premium anytime
Unlimited support
Unlimited updates
Unlimited order posting
No transaction limits
Fast installation service available

Get Started


$197 per annum
Premium Licence
Annual subscription
Leverage the power of Xero
84 Powerful features
Unlimited support
Unlimited updates
Unlimited order posting
Unlimited inventory synchs
No transaction limits
Fast installation services available


Get Started


Getting Started?

Our website is packed with further information and useful background articles. See our Pre-sales and Getting Started pages for more details. We offer a free unrestricted 7-day trial so you can fully evaluate Xeroom and get a refund if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason.

Need Help?

Please go to our support page for help with solutions to many common issues.  There are FAQ, installation notes and bulletin board topics. If you cannot find what you need then please open a ticket there for presales or technical support.

“Xeroom is excellent”


We have many happy customers – read what they say about us…

Catherine Gardner, FMAAT

Director – 5Arches Accounting Ltd I was introduced to Xero and Xeroom by Peter over 11 years ago. Now I am Xero certified and have over 50 clients using it. Xeroom saves hours of my time and fees for my clients. It also makes bank recs a piece-of-cake!   Xeroom is an essential app for anyone using WooCommerce and Xero.

Luc Perreault

IT Consultant Xeroom does the job A1 and Peter stands by his product and offers above and beyond hands on support. I strongly recommended this plugin. Perfect plugin, even better support from Peter.

Erick Strauss

Director Goodeats.co.za

People considering Xeroom already know the problem they face: how to get two great but complementary products to talk to each other in an effortless and automatic way. Well, look no further. This is the product you are looking for, and with options like the bulk upload will address all your needs. The recent update providing a way to send individual orders to Xero is a great addition. And on top of all this you get excellent support from Peter. I highly recommend this plugin!

Great product, great support

Stephen Taylor, ACMA

Finance Director, Cycle Junction

I have tried a few other plugins which all had various drawbacks before I found Xeroom. I have found it easy to use and it works very well.

Xeroom ensures that I get accurate sales invoices in Xero for timely reporting and analysis

Greg Butterworth, FCA

Finance Director

I have evaluated the market for integration software between WooCommerce and Xero and Xeroom came out top for functionality.

Best of breed for integrating WooCommerce with Xero.