Xero Accounts Integration with WooCommerce

Connect the Power of Xero to your WooCommerce Site

What is Xeroom?


Xeroom is a WordPress plugin that enables your WooCommerce data to be automatically sent to your Xero accounting system. WooCommerce on it’s own doesn’t provide any accounting.  Xeroom enables Woocommerce to connect and  integrate with the world’s best accounting package Xero.  This enables you to do the essential accounting that should be at the heart of your eCommerce system, for operational, management, customer and tax return use. 

Xeroom sends the following data to Xero: 

Orders  – Products ordered, quantities, descriptions and prices, sale prices and discount coupons

Sales Taxes/VAT – Standard rate, reduced and zero rate taxes for each product and geography

Customers – Name, address, telephone, email etc.

Inventory – Synchronised for all products hourly from/to Xero. Inventory check when order made.

Payments – Posted to the created invoice in Xero.

Cancellations – Generate credit notes in Xero for cancelled orders.

Sales Analysis – Track and report sales by geography or product categories.

Batch Processing – Handle orders in batches that come from other shops such as ebay or Amazon.

Posting Status – Visual status and management of orders.

Bulk Data Loader – Easily manage large numbers of historic orders.


Benefits of Using Xeroom


Saves You Hours of Wasted Time – over rekeying your data manually.

Gives You Control Over Your Data – with many practical useful features and settings such as GST.

Saves Your Accountant Time – By not having to extract, reconcile and do things manually.

Allow You To Integrate With Other Shops – like eBay and Amazon via Woocommerce.

Improves Your Business Look – with a really professional appearance to your customers.

Understand Your Sales Better – With proper sales reporting & analysis tools in Xero.

Manage Your Inventory Better – Keep multiple shops in synch, do timely reordering and avoid stock outs and stock losses.


How Much Does Xeroom Cost?

Xeroom is just $97/year for a licence with unlimited transactions on one site with support and updates.  We also offer low-cost installation and other woocommerce-xero related services.

What Are The Limitations of Xeroom?

Xeroom does not currently handle multi-currency. It does not work with some of the many WooCommerce plugins due to conflicts. Multiple sites in the same currency can map onto one instance of Xero.

WooCommerce Order Process

We will show how Xeroom works by giving an example of order workflow.  Here is a typical order in WooCommerce created by a customer checking out at the front-end or by a sales administrator using the administration back-end panel.



WooCommerce Xero Order Management

With Xeroom installed you now get an extra column in your WooCommerce Orders Screen showing the status of order that have been posted to Xero with visual colour coding.  Our example newly created order is at the top of the list.



Xero Invoices Created

Now if you go to Xero you will find your orders have been converted into Xero invoices.  The correct accounting entries have been made in Xero and the invoices are available to double-check, amend and then email to customers giving your business a professional appearance.  Invoices can be created as draft, awaiting payment or paid status in Xero.  


Here is our newly created example order complete with customer details, order reference, product details, quantities, taxes and amounts.


Apply Payment To Invoice

When the customer completes the payment in WooCommerce the payment is sent to Xero and the status of the invoice changes to “Paid”.  The order notes are added to log the actions and any inventory level changes.


Now we see that our invoice in Xero has moved to the Paid section. 


Final Paid Invoice in Xero

And the final completed invoice is ready to be emailed to the customer.


Inventory Automatically Updated 

When the customer places an order inventory is checked in both Xero and WooCommerce to ensure sufficient exists to fill the order.  The stock is reduced by the amount of each item in the order and the amounts updated in both WooCommerce and Xero to reflect it. Inventory can be synchronised hourly between Xero and Woo so that if orders are placed directly into Xero say by phone then the inventory is always maintained correctly in WooCommerce.