Getting Started with Xeroom

Xeroom 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee for licences.  If you are not fully satisfied for any reason simple send us an email and we will cancel your licence and refund you.


Getting Started Procedure

Xeroom connects three different and complex software systems (WordPress, Woocommerce and Xero) together along with a multitude of 3rd party plugins and themes on both platforms, all of which are constantly changing.  We have tried to make this challenge as simple as possible to install, with detailed step-by-step instructions but it does require a good knowledge of IT and Woocommerce plus a basic knowledge of Xero along with a good dose of patience to do it!  If you do not possess these then we don’t recommend you attempt it but instead use our low-cost fixed-price installation “Jump Start” service which is less than the cost of an hour’s time of an IT or accounting professional.

  1. Requirements – You will need a recent version (ie no more than 3 months old) of WordPress site with the latest version of the Woocommerce plugin installed and configured. Ideally a fresh clean test site or better still a clone of your current live site with all the non-core Woocommerce plugins removed so you can ensure any issues are fixed before interfering with your live site.  This can be easily done using the All-in-one WP Migration plugin.  You can use it on your live site and delete the test orders afterwards but beware that  there may be a conflict with one or more of your plugins.
  2. Check php version –  Your php version should be  7.2 or 7.3.  We do not support any earlier versions. The latest version is v7.4 released in Nov 2019. We do not currently work on this but will be in the near future.
  3. Order & Download – Go here to order and you will immediately receive a download link with the latest version of the plugin. Download the zip file to your pc and then go to your Website plugins page and upload and activate it.  Please deactivate and delete any previous versions of Xeroom first.  Any old settings will still be retained in the database.
  4. Installation – Then follow the detailed step-by-step installation and configuration instructions on the menu above. 
  5. Xero Trial – For the trial we recommend that you take a 1 month free trial of Xero itself and use that otherwise you will clutter up your production instance of Xero with random test transactions. Note:  Xeroom does not support the multi-currency version of Xero, it will work but only in the base currency.  Also beware that when the Xero trial ends you will not have access to your test data.
  6. Testing – We suggest running a range of different test transactions on different products with customers from different countries checking that the sales taxes are correct.  Once the orders are placed their respective invoices can be seen within Xero and checked against the order figures in Woocommerce. Inventory synch if used should also be tested.
  7. Support – For support issues please check our support page for immediate answers as most of the common problems are detailed there. If your query is not addressed then please open a support ticket with the form giving us as much of the requested info as possible so that we can assist you quickly.
  8. Presales Assistance  – Our free support is by email so we can keep our prices low otherwise we would have to increase them to cover this cost.  If you need dedicated presales assistance/time on zoom or telephone calls/onboarding/in-depth/training requirements analysis then this is available for $97/hr which can be ordered from our shop. 


Jump-Start Service

If you are migrating from another Xero plugin or just want to get cracking asap then we can jump-start you and install Xeroom straight onto your live site with no delays.  This is quicker than first checking on a test site but do be aware that it can make troubleshooting more difficult if there are any problems or conflicts.

1. Place order – To proceed please check items 1 and 2 above and then order the licence with installation (either simple or complex) here Once you have ordered it you should get an immediate confirmation with your licence key. 

2. Complete Checklist: In order for us to provide the installation quickly please complete the instructions in the installation checklist and email the details as a Word document to me at [email protected] installation checklist.   We aim to do the install within 48 hours of receiving your data checklist back. Your data is protected by our legal Non-Disclosure Agreement that can be downloaded here.