Xeroom Licence Upgrade Process

Xeroom Licence Switching Guide

Xeroom has been developed over 10 years with hundreds of hours of invaluable feedback and suggestions from our users to make it an indispensable tool to integrate your WooCommerce system with Xero accounting.  Xeroom has matured into a feature rich stable powerful application designed to give your business a professional edge whilst saving you hours of time. Below we provide the detailed feature differences between Xeroom Starter and Xeroom Premium versions.   Both use the same Xero connection and Xeroom posting engine. Both offer additional Xeroom specialist services to kick-start your implementation and provide ongoing support to minimise downtime on a business critical integration.

Xeroom Starter Version –  This is designed to give you everything you need to get started with your WooCommerce to Xero integration. It is ideal for newcomers or small businesses that just need to keep things as simple as possible and save as much time as possible whilst retaining a decent level of functionality so that you are getting the data you need in Xero to make life easy for you and your bookkeeper.

Xeroom Premium Version – This has all the features needed to support a more seasoned or larger business integration where more plugins and more rigorous financial processes are used. It enables the integration to go to a much deeper level for both operational and reporting needs.



How to Upgrade to Premium from Starter Versions

You can upgrade at any time during the year and get a prorata credit for the unused part of your Xeroom Starter licence.

To upgrade:  Go to your My Xeroom Account from the main menu/shop/my account and then subscriptions on the left-hand side which will list your licences. Click on your current subscription number and it will open the page for that licence showing the Subscription totals with an Upgrade Licence box in blue.

Click on it and it will add it to the basket showing the prorata upgrade cost as a “sign-up” fee and also show the new subscription amount.  Then you need to checkout as usual and you will be immediately emailed a new licence key (in the middle of the email in bold).  Cut and paste the new key into licence box in your Xeroom settings and on activation the licence will authenticate and then switch your version to Premium showing the new logo.



How to Downgrade from Premium to Starter Versions

We don’t offer downgrades part way through the year.  Once your licence is due to renew you will be emailed a renewal order.  If you wish to downgrade then go to your account and cancel your existing subscription and then in the shop go to the licence page and add the Starter Version to your cart and proceed to checkout.  You will be emailed a new licence key which when activated will convert your Xeroom version to Starter.


Version Feature Comparison


Detailed Feature Comparison

Xeroom Premium Xeroom Starter Feature Comparison Xeroom Premium Xeroom Starter
Annual Price US$ $197.00 $97.00 Payments Synch with Xero


Map multiple payment gateways to multiple Xero clearing/bank/card accounts ✔ ✖
Free trial available? ✔ ✔ Control of payment auto-posting by gateway ✔ ✖
Dedicated app or generic tool? ✔ ✔ Send payments on account, manage and use for orders ✔ ✖
Xero only specific app or generic tool? ✔ ✔ Synch payments made in Xero back to WC in real-time ✔ ✖
WordPress plugin or 3rd party platform ✔ ✔ Autocomplete orders once paid in Xero (all or digital only) ✔ ✖
Independent Trustpilot reviews available? ✔ ✔ Product Synch with Xero
Developed by chartered accountants? ✔ ✔ Update descriptions &/or prices – Either way synch to/from WC-Xero in real-time ✔ ✖


Map individual products to their respective Xero product accounts in Xero including sales, Cost Of Goods Sold and Inventory Asset Account ✔ ✖
Easy to install & maintain for IT staff ✔ ✔ Inventory Synch – Either Way WC-Xero
Easy to setup & configure for bookkeepers ✔ ✔ Real-time synch for order inventory items ✔ ✖
Debug screen to feed back any Xero error messages ✔ ✔ Debug mode and blacklist options for problem items ✔ ✖
Bulk upload tool for historic data migration ✔ ✖ Choice of synch direction ✔ ✖
Drop-down lists of Xero data for easy installation ✔ ✔ Management of Orders & Processes
Customisable open source code ✔ ✔ Colour coded Xero order status in WC order dash ✔ ✔
Xero security token refresh every 15 min for extra stability ✔ ✔ Set invoice send triggers: Automatic, manual, schedule, bulk send or order status ✔ ✔
Xero connection status/reconnection button ✔ ✔ Set custom order status send triggers ✔ ✖

Create Invoices in Xero – Data sent

Order dash display – filter orders by Xero status ✔ ✔

Send orders, customers, products, prices, PO numbers ✔ ✔ Send order button from within order ✔ ✔

Map basic tax classes and rates to Xero tax methods ✔ ✔ Send payment button from within order ✔ ✔
Map detailed tax classes and rates to Xero tax methods ✔ ✖ Bulk pick and send/resend of orders and payments ✔ ✔
Map sales to Xero accounts by product category or geography ✔ ✖ Resend a modified order that has already been sent ✔ ✔
Send simple, variable & subscription products in orders ✔ ✔ Order notes updated with send-to-Xero actions ✔ ✔
Match customer to Xero contact by name, email or company ✔ ✔ Mirror B2B payment on account & other processes ✔ ✖
Send order notes & delivery address ✔ ✖ Decouple sending from checkout to in case of delays ✔ ✔
Refunds – Send full & partial to Xero ✔ ✖ eBay and Amazon order – skip sending orders by email. ✔ ✖
Generate Credit Notes for refunds – full or partial ✔ ✖ Automatically email created Xero invoices to customers ✔ ✖
Cancelled orders – Generate Credit Notes in Xero ✔ ✔ Other Plugin Comptability
Handle all coupon types and discounts ✔ ✔ WooCommerce Invoice PDF plugins – All vendors ✔ ✖
Handle orders in multiple currencies ✔ ✔ WooCommerce Custom Order Status Manager ✔ ✖
Send customer account nos ✔ ✖ Woocommerce Sequential Order Number ✔ ✖
Send Stripe fees to overhead ac ✔ ✔ PO Number for WooCommerce ✔ ✖
Add Xero tracking categories to products & invoices ✔ ✖ WooCommerce Account Funds ✔ ✖
Map shipping revenues to account ✔ ✔ WooCcommerce Payment on Account ✔ ✖

Xero Invoice Settings

WooCommerce Deposits and Partial Payment ✔ ✖

Invoice creation status – draft or approved ✔ ✔ Custom Coupon Codes ✔ ✖
Add prefix to Invoice No ✔ ✖ WooCommerce Wholesale Prices ✔ ✔
Set Invoice No to Order No or use Custom PDF No ✔ ✖ WooCommerce Product Bundles ✔ ✔
Set Invoice Ref with Order No, Prefix and Gateway ✔ ✖ WooCommerce Conditional cart fees -Web Solution ✔ ✔
Set Invoice Ref from PO No, custom plugin or any PDF Invoice plugin ✔ ✖ WooCommerce Subscriptions ✔ ✔
Set custom shipping price code and description ✔ ✖ Support & Additional Services
Select Xero or WC prices and descriptions for invoices ✔ ✖ Email support – Free & unlimited ✔ ✔
Use WC or Xero user address in invoice ✔ ✖ Updates & Bug Fixes – Included ✔ ✔
Set Xero invoice due date ✔ ✖ Free Chat ✖ ✖
Set Xero rounding account ✔ ✔ Paid telephone support ✔ ✔
Ability to handle special characters and hyphens in SKU and Xero product codes. Also handle codes > 30 characters. ✔ ✔ Paid installation services ✔ ✔
Based on Xeroom Version 3.0.0 Paid pre and post-sales services ✔ ✔
Total Feature Count 82 44