Xeroom WooCommerce to Xero Integration

Features & Benefits – 10 Years of Experience

Xeroom Features & Benefits 

The full detailed list of Xeroom feature is extensive and has been developed over almost 10 years of experience in integrating WooCommerce with Xero by a team of qualified experts in Xero, accounting and plugin development.  You won’t need all of these to start with but you are future-proofing and de-risking your investment by deploying a seasoned, stable, extensible plugin application that is packed with time-saving features to give you ease-of-use flexibility, control and error-free reliability.  Compare this list with the competition most of which have a fraction of these.  Many players come and go within a few years as they realise this is not an application for the faint-hearted eg OneSaas, Automat.io.  As you can see what was added in 2022 we continue to add substantial improvements to make Xeroom keep well ahead of the pack with its World-leading position.  We price this all not for the number of features provided but to be less than an hour of an accountant’s time.

Click to open as pdf Xeroom Full Feature List – Jan 24th 2023 Click to download as an Excel spreadsheet so you can use as a checklist to decide what features are important and if the competition provides them. Xeroom Full Feature List – Jan 24th 2023.