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Who this service is for – This service is for customers who have already installed and had Xeroom running successfully but now have some issues, errors or things not working correctly.  Whilst email support is provided as part of the annual licence fee along with known bugs this doesn’t include logging in to your system and spending time doing detailed investigations and tests to find the cause of the error.  Hence we provide this service to do just that. We will NOT meddle with your site in any way or uninstall or install any plugins apart from Xeroom and the test product that we will create.

Troubleshooting – In order to be able to fix something we need to identify the cause which requires investigation and troubleshooting.  You can do this yourself if you prefer or we will do it as part of this service.  The following checklist should guide you:

1. What messages are showing in the debug screen of Xeroom?
2. Can you replicate the error using a test product entered in the Woo order screen and then sent to Xero manually?
3. Have you checked the Woocommerce installation and Xero account over for anything odd or that might have changed?
4. What other Woocommerce related plugins are you using especially those that work with Woo and Woo orders?  Have you tried disabling these and running a test order?
5. If 4 doesn’t resolve the error then try disabling all of the plugins apart from WooCommerce and Xeroom to see if the problem repeats?  This can be quickly done in File Manager on the server by renaming the plugin directory.
6. If 4 or 5 do fix the issue then by a process of elimination you can find which plugin is responsible for the conflict.
7.  What do the standard hosting, Woocommerce and WordPress error or debug logs give?
8. For GST issues check all of your tax settings end-to-end for the full process, ie from Woo rates, Xero methods, Xeroom mapping, Product tax setting and geographic settings of the shop and customer.
Your data is safe with us! – We agree to keep all your WooCommerce and Xero data and logins secure.  We have a standard legal NDA that can be downloaded here if you are in any way concerned by this aspect.

Guarantee – We don’t guarantee that we will fix the issue but we are 95% confident that we will identify the cause.  It may require a change of settings in Woo or deactivating a plugin.  If we find a bug we will add it to our development list.  If the error is very intermittent then the issue is whether we can replicate it and in such situations we don’t promise to do so and will proceed only on a “best endeavours” basis.

Report – We will let you know what we find and if it is due to a bug or not fixable then any possible workarounds.

Refunds – This service is non-refundable.

To proceed – Please order from here and then send me logins to your site and Xero systems using [email protected] and palloyd as the email and user.