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Service & Availability

Sometimes customers want to have telephone discussions with me with their team or as email support is not sufficient or efficient or what they are used to.  The service packages that I provide here are low-cost fixed price services provided over the internet and so do not include for meetings/discussions on the phone.  I can provide a limited amount of my time by the hour which is billed in half-hour chunks paid in advance and ordered here by the hour with a minimum of one hour.

Summary Bio

I am a chartered accountant with over 30 years experience of implementing financial IT and accounting systems in large corporations such as Barclays Capital, Lloyds TB Bank, GE Insurance, Aviva Insurance, Gallagher Tobacco, Hill Samuel including 10 years for Oracle implementing Oracle enterprise financials and business intelligence based financial management and statutory reporting systems.  I have an MBA in Finance from CUBS and have been FD/CFO of a number of high-tech startups including Narrowstep Inc which I handled the IPO for on Nasdaq in 2005, which was valued at $90m just after floatation.  I was one of the first users of Xero in the UK in 2008 having previously used Sage for many years working at the small company end of finance and accounting.  Apart from developing Xeroom I also have a trading company that sells physical goods using Woocommerce and Xero and I assist a small number of startups as CFO/FD.