Xeroom BDL – Bulk Data Loader

Loading Bulk Historic Order Data into Xero


We are proud to release our Xeroom BDL (Bulk Data Loader) which is a very powerful tool to enable multiple orders to be posted to Xero in one easy go.   This is the full version of xeroom plus it has an additional module to handle the upload in one foul swoop!  This will save hours of time and effort, it is a must for those who are new or migrating to Xero and who want their past history to be loaded into Xero for the current or previous financial periods.  Nobody else offers such a fantastic tool like this which has been well thought out to make it easy to use.

There are many features providing lots of flexibility including:

  1. Download all existing orders – into an Excel spreadsheet where you can then quickly select exactly which orders you want posting and whether they are created as Paid or Unpaid.  The spreadsheet is then uploaded back into Xeroom before then being processed.
  2. Post All orders – This will create new invoices either Paid or Unpaid in xero for all of your orders in Woocommerce.
  3. Repost all orders.
  4. Repost only selected orders.
  5. Repost only orders not already posted.
  6. Full Posting Report showing the status of each order’s success in posting.