Xeroom Premium Lifetime Licence, Support & Installation Packs


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Choose the duration of licence and which support and services you want with it.

WOOCS 2.2.3
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Xeroom Premium Lifetime Licence, Support & Installation Packs

We offer Xeroom with all the options to provide you with what you need to get you up and running quickly.  Licences are usually sent within hours of receipt of your order and installations done usually within 48 hours of receipt of answers to our installation checklist.

Premium Lifetime Licence – This Xeroom licence does not expire and will work as long as your current versions of WordPress and WooCommerce are used.  If you wish to get updates to cover later versions of these along with bug fixes and enhancements then please add lifetime support. The Premium licence comes with the first year of support and updates.

Bulk Data Load  – This module enables you to upload all of your historic orders from WooCommerce into Xero is one foul swoop!  This powerful tool has an upload manager that will save hours of time and is a must for those who are new or migrating to xero and want their past history to be loaded into xero.  For further info.

Support  & Updates – You can add lifetime support and updates to take you beyond the first year.   This will give you lifetime responsive support, bug fixes, all enhancements (including extra functionality or modules) and updates.If you prefer you can purchase subsequent unlimited responsive ongoing support year-by year.  This offer is great value as most clients will run their systems for many years and so can save a ton by buying a lifetime pack.  New features, bug fixes, security holes and enhancements are regularly released by WooCommerce, Xero and ourselves.  Since both Xero and WooCommerce are market leaders and are constantly improving there will be no reason to switch to another system so it is a wise investment to save money and order this now.

Installation, setup and testing – The installation and configuration is a little involved but can be handled by any competent IT person by following the step-by-step instructions given on this site.  To do it properly requires at least 2 hours to set it up with the correct accounts (and to create those in Xero if they don’t exist) as well as to check everything.  We will install Xeroom Premium version on your live website, obtain the necessary Xero security certificates, configure Xeroom to work correctly with your Xero installation creating any new accounts that are needed, and ensure that it all works correctly by running a number of test purchases and invoices. We will check the taxation is correct and also fix any errors, correct any mismatches or discrepancies and rerun the tests to ensure that you are happy with it.  If you wish us to do so we can first do a test install on a clone of your site and a demo Xero instance.  This is useful if you already have a live system or wish to use the bulk data loader.    If you are ordering this service then please read the installation checklist for what we need to commence the work.

Note: We don’t offer the installation service for customers who only buy 1 year of support as the installation price is subsidised by the support and licence fees.

Product SKU Code Bulk Upload – For existing or new users we take the headache out of doing a bulk load of all your codes into both Xero and WooCommerce.  Xeroom uses the product SKU to link products in Xero with products in WooCommerce. Each time a new order is placed the SKU is checked in Xero and if it exists then is used but if not then a new SKU is created using the SKU in WooCommerce or if those don’t exist then the Product ID from WooCommerce.  Since this happens order by order and no mass bulk synchronisation process is done between the two systems.  This service will easily fix that issue.  We will download all your existing codes from Xero or WooCommerce into a spreadsheet for you to then edit and add your preferred SKU codes and inventory figures to.  We will then upload them into the two systems so that Xeroom can then use both sets of codes to link them properly and so you have a unified system.  You can check the codes and we will do two further rounds of uploads to deal with any changes or modifications that you want. Please go here for further information.


  1. SKU Codes – We will advise you if we think that your SKU codes need to be changed.  We will not redo or upload your SKU product codes.
  2. Xero Accounts Setup – This does not include the configuration and set up of a virgin setup of Xero accounts or of WooCommerce which are both available as separate packs.
  3. Woocommerce & Xero Changes – We will change any of the essential settings on both of these needed to make them work with Xeroom and advise you of them.  Where static data such as rate tables etc needs to be added we will do the first one as an example.
  4. No Plugin Integration Guarantee  – There are now literally dozens of plugins available for WooCommerce and it is impossible for us to test and resolve any issues with each one or more working together on the same system. Due to the many simultaneous interactions between 5 or 6 separate apps (Xero, Woocommerce, WordPress, Xeroom, payment gateways, other plugins etc) this can and does happen. We do not guarantee that Xeroom will work with any of them and cannot say in advance if they will or not.    For the more popular ones we do aim to test and fix them but this takes time.The integration of all the various plugins you choose to use into your e-commerce site and system is your risk and responsibility and we strongly recommend that you use an experienced developer to do this as there can easily be conflicts and bad behaviour arising as a result. Xeroom is available with a free Premium licence for you to try so you can test for conflicts and reduce this risks.  The same applies to any other plugin that is using or communicating with Xero.
  5. Conflicts with other plugins – If during the installation we find that Xeroom is not working due to a plugin then we will advise this and request that you get your developer to check and test Xeroom without the likely plugin or to deactivate all your plugins and reinstate them in chunks until you find the culprit.  We will not disable a plugin to verify this as this will be your live site and there may be setup info that is lost if we do.  You will then need to decide which plugin is more important, Xeroom or the one that is causing the conflict or you can try the Xeroom plugin that WooCommerce provides as it is more likely to be compatible with the other plugins that they sell.
  6. Refunds – If you decide not to continue with Xeroom for any reason and have not used it in a live site for more than a week then we will refund you the Xeroom Premium licence fee only.  The installation and support service fees are provided on a non-refundable basis as we will have already provided those services to you in good faith. We will use our best endeavours in a professional way to get things working correctly but do not guarantee that Xeroom will work or integrate with your particular setup, plugins and versions of server software and our services are provided on the basis that you accept the risks for your project.

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