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Xeroom Versions – We provide below information on the latest version, the previous few versions and the next one currently in development.

WordPress Official Site – We are unable to host Xeroom on the official WordPress server since our plugin is commercial and not freeware.

Minimum Supported Versions – Xeroom is always checked to run on the latest stable (ie within a few weeks or release) versions of WordPress and Woocommerce. We now only support php 7.2 or 7.3, Woocommerce 4.5 and above , WordPress 5.4 and above.  To check your current versions of php install any php info plugin or check with your host or on cpanel.  We will test on php 8 which deprecates a lot of items as soon as the tools become available.  It is meant to be upwardly compatible.

Downloads – Only version 2.0.8 is still available for download here as the latest version is not encrypted and so not publicly downloadable. 

Download link – The downloads are now kept in a secure area as they are no longer encrypted.  You will be emailed a link when you purchase or renew your licence or when a new release it available.   If you need a link please email us with the purchase name or company.


Xeroom v2.1.0 – Current Version – June, 2020


This has a much simplified installation procedure using the latest and more secure OAuth2.0 protocol for more secure connections to Xero.  It is also not encrypted and so does not require IonCube to work.  Tested on php7.3, WordPress 5.5.3 and Woocommerce 4.7.1.  Detailed instructions are given here https://www.xeroom.com/installation-instructions/.


Xeroom v2.1.1 – Due Out – End December, 2020

This will have some substantial new features outlined below as well as a bunch of bug fixes:

Bug fixes:

  • Canadian customer tax error.
  • Deprecated Coupon Code and UnitPrice error.
  • Variable product with 3 or more variations not posted.
  • Failed orders cannot be reposted.
  • Batch loading success message missing.
  • OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1 class already in use.
  • Credit notes on cancelled orders charging GST twice.
  • Guzzle http class conflict with other plugins resolved. 
  • Various other conflict causing errors fixed.



  1. Send invoice on order processing status – Option so the invoice can be posted once status changes to processing for payment on account at the end of the month.
  2. Refunded and cancelled orders – Credit note generation logic to exactly match Woo order flow.
  3. Credit notes generated with partial refunds
  4. Product posting to Xero enhanced – Price, GST rate and account to be added to new products created in Xero.
  5. Licence validation check grace period – If the check fails then a 7 day grace period to be given before deactivation.
  6. Set custom invoice number prefix 
  7. Set custom invoice reference prefix
  8. Card payment reference – Place in invoice reference.
  9. Set Xero invoice no – To use Woo Invoice PDF plugin number.
  10. Allow payments into credit/asset accounts – Useful for clearance accounts.
  11. New address mapping options – For company name and email address.
  12.  Batch processing rate option – Added to prevent hitting Xero API call limits. 
  13. Resend an order or batch of orders – To overide the control to prevent duplicate invoices from same order
  14. Option to include/exclude payment gateways in automatic sending – This will enable the Woocommerce Invoice Gateway plugin to work which adds Invoice payment gateway functionality to your WooCommerce store. This type of payment method is used in B2B with customers placing orders “on account” that then get paid at the end of the month in one go.


Older Versions 


Xeroom v2.0.8 –  May, 2019 – Downloadable

We continue to support this for existing customers only and until Sept 2020.  NB: Requires ioncube loader to be installed on your server and the following min versions to work: php 7.2, ioncube loader 10.2, Woocommerce 4.1, WordPress 5.3  Download 

Has various bug fixes including the “cannot redeclare oauth” critical error caused by conflict with other apps.


Xeroom v2.0.7 – 15th March, 2019

NB: Requires the following min versions to work: php 7.1, ioncube loader 10.2, Woocommerce 3.5.3, WordPress 5.0.1

Contains the following fixes:

  1. Get_xero_option and ends_with fatal errors on activation (conflict with other plugins).
  2. Oauthconsumer declare critical error – when oauth used by other apps.


Xeroom v2.0.6 –  21st February, 2019

NB: Requires the following min versions to work: php 7.1, ioncube loader 10.2, Woocommerce 3.5.3, WordPress 5.0.1

  • Added – Rounding error fix.

Xeroom v2.0.5 –  30th January, 2019

NB Requires the following min versions to work: php 7.1, ioncube loader 10.2, Woocommerce 3.5.3, WordPress 5.0.1

We are pleased to release this version after extensive beta testing, improvements and fixes.   It is a big step forward and has the following new features and enhancements:

  1. Global Inventory Synchronization – Instead of just synchronising the inventory for the SKUs in the current order this feature provides a synch of all products’ inventories on demand or on a daily or hourly schedule.  Synchronization can be from Woo to Xero or vice-versa.  This will be invaluable to handle inventory for businesses that take phone orders that are entered directly into Xero (without going through the website) or via other online shops such as ebay or Amazon as well as normal website orders. This feature alone is worth it’s weight in gold since competitors charge up to $250/month for this with a dedicated inventory management system.
  2. Send Orders and Payments to Xero in Batches – Instead of sending orders automatically at check-out this feature enables a selection of orders to be made on the Woocommerce order summary screen which are then sent to Xero in one go.  This is great for those taking feeds of orders from other systems into Woo that then need to be onward processed into Xero.  It is also useful for migrations where use of the Bulk Data Loader would be overkill and a few dozen orders can be simply and easily posted.  A throttling system has been added to feed Xero orders at a steady rate to avoid hitting their rate limits.
  3. Set Invoice Creation Trigger – Invoices can be sent manually or automatically on checkout or on completion. This is an alternative to the Auto completion control which is useful for preventing payments being posted automatically which makes the Xero invoice status “Paid” and thus editable.
  4. Set Invoice Creation Date – Can be set to be the date of posting or date of the order.
  5. Country tracking – The customer country is placed in the Xero custom country tracking label.  This can then be used for things like EU VAT reporting on digital goods where different VAT rates are due for different countries.
  6. Set Unlimited No of Sales Categories – The posting by geography or product category has been set to a customisable quantity and increased from 25 to an unlimited no.
  7. Xero Order Posting Management & Status – The Woo order summary screen now has a colour coded column giving the status of posting to Xero for each order.  The user can see at a glance the overall picture and easily manage them.
  8. Bulk Data Loader – Many improvements have been made in this tool for the posting and logging of large numbers of orders.  This is essential for those migrating and wanting their history to be uploaded into Xero.  The limit of 2000 has been removed, the Xero API feed rate of orders is now throttled to prevent limits being hit and the log files have been improved.
  9. Gross Prices Held in Woo No Tax Applied – Xero assumes prices are posted as net and so adds on GST which means it is added twice if prices are held gross in Woo.  This will fix it to remove the GST before posting so that it will be correct.
  10. No Taxes Fix – When no taxes are selected in Woo then Xero should not add on taxes on posting.
  11. Currency Deprecation Error – Fixed.
  12. Cancelled Orders at the Checkout  – Were wrongly being sent to Xero when they should not have been, now fixed.
  13. Rounding Errors – Are now placed in a Xero revenue ac.
  14. Coupons and Discounts – This has been rewritten to fix a bug and work properly.
  15. Free Trial Licence  – Button now sends an email request to our server for a trial licence key which is sent by the autoresponder to the user’s inbox.