Xeroom Licences

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Xeroom annual licence subscription per live website – includes unlimited email support and updates.   Choose the installation service you want.  Licences and download links are sent automatically on completion of checkout. Installation is done within approx. 48 hours of completion of the Data Capture questionnaire and logins. 7-Day money-back guarantee on licence only.


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Updates and Support Services

We offer Xeroom with all the options to provide you with what you need to get you up and running quickly.  Licence keys are automatically generated and sent by email with a download link with your order confirmation either instantly if paying by Stripe or on receipt of your payment if by bank transfer.  Installations are done usually within 48 hours of receipt of completion of our installation data checklist.

7 Day Money-Back Guarantee  – We provide this so you can check that Xeroom does what you need and reduce your risks.  If you are not 100% happy for any reason just email us within 7 days to get a full refund. This covers the licences only and not for any services, whether provided or not.

Annual Licence – Xeroom is provided on an annual licence subscription basis of one licence per live website (staging is also included for free). Subscriptions can be set to automatically renew and will email you a renewal note reminder.

Bulk Discounts – We offer 1/3 off for 3 or more licences and 50% off for 5 or more licences, not on services.  Please email us for a code to use.

Latest Version Number & Feature Summary Info – Can be found here.

Support  & Updates –  New features, bug fixes, security holes and enhancements are regularly released by WooCommerce, Xero and ourselves. Unlimited updates are included with our licences free-of-charge.  We provide non-installation support to one IT-capable user (system owner) via email with an average response time of 2 working days.  We do not support customisations or bespoke system integrations. We do not provide “chat” instant support and support excludes “hand-holding” to novices.

Bug fix Timescales – We aim to fix and test any bugs in the core Xeroom functionality within 3 working days.  Fixes related to conflicts with themes or 3rd party plugins will take 1-2 weeks and we don’t guarantee to cover all plugins but aim to make Xeroom compatible with the more popular ones.

Charity Discounts – We believe in supporting voluntary bodies that help make society better.  We offer 50% off the licence price for charities, clubs and schools.  If you are one then please email us at support from your domain for a valid code to use at checkout.


Licence Only Renewals

We are now using WooCommerce subscriptions so you should receive all the correct reminders for renewal.  You can renew your existing licence key by entering it at the checkout or get a new key.  Your existing key details and downloads are in your Xeroom account – please login to view them.


Installation, Setup and Testing

The installation and configuration is straightforward and can be handled by any competent IT person who has a good knowledge of both Woocommerce and some basic understanding of Xero by following the step-by-step instructions given on this site.  Depending on the complexity and issues that arise it will require 2-3 hours to set it up with the correct accounts (and to create those in Xero if they don’t exist) as well as to check and test everything. To assist we offer the following installation options:

  1. Live Installation – We will install Xeroom on one site (test or live), create a Xero app and connect to your site with a secure connection, apply specific or default account settings creating any additional accounts needed in Xero, set simple tax settings and run one or two test orders checking the resulting invoices are correct.   We will also  check and advise on (but not create) SKU codes and correct any configuration errors including disabling any conflicting plugins.  Excludes initial bulk product uploads of codes into either app (available as an extra if required). We will advise on any issues that need completing by yourself.  You then have 4 weeks to test and feed back any queries or things that need fixing. After that support reverts to normal email support
  2. Live Installation with Inventory Synch – Same as above but including inventory synch and testing of inventory – Excludes initial bulk product uploads available separately.
  3. Live and Staging/Test Installations – We will install Xeroom on your Staging/Test area and when you are happy migrate it to your Live website.
  4. Personal Time for Meetings/Calls – To keep the costs low the above are provided by email and online. If you feel you need additional personal or presales support and input then you can buy the separate pack for that and I also provide a limited amount of my time which is available at an hourly rate in this shop.
  5. Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure – We obviously keep all customer information confidential and secure but recognise that the installation requires access to sensitive apps and data.  We are quite happy to sign your NDA to cover this work or you can accept ours which is Xeroom Services NDA.

Installation service – After ordering an installation service please download the Data Capture Document and return it to us in Word format to [email protected], which lists the information we need to do the installation and the logins needed.  We aim to do the installation within 48 hours of receiving this information.

Services Terms:

Our objective is always to achieve 100% customer satisfaction which is reflected in our independent reviews.  Sometimes, despite our best efforts this does not happen, which on reflection is usually down to misunderstandings and/or wrong expectations. To avoid this we make clear the basis of our engagement below which form part of our full terms and conditions that are available here.

1. Conflicts with Other Plugins  – There are now literally hundreds of plugins and themes available for WooCommerce and it is impossible for us to test and resolve any issues with each one or more working together on the same system. Due to the many simultaneous interactions between 5 or 6 separate apps (Xero, Woocommerce, WordPress, Xeroom, payment gateways, other plugins etc) this can and does happen despite our best efforts with regular testing and bug fixes. We do not guarantee that Xeroom will work with any or all of them and cannot say in advance if they will or will not.  The same applies to any other plugin that is being used within Xero itself. We will not disable any plugins in our work but advise you of any conflicts that we find. If the plugin is considered essential then we can usually fix the conflict for a fixed fee of $200.  The integration of all the various plugins you choose to use into your system (ie system integration) is your risk and responsibility.  We strongly recommend that you use an IT professional with experience of WooCommerce to set up your site, integrate and test it.  They will be able to identify and resolve any conflicts, issues and errors arising as a result. A DIY/novice approach with little understanding of IT and WooCommerce plus unreal expectations will lead to frustration, misunderstandings and wasted time on both sides.

Compatible WooCommerce Plugins – We provide a list here of the WooCommerce plugins that Xeroom has been tested with and that we have ensured work with no conflicts and will continue to maintain (scroll down to view). Xeroom may well work with other untested WooCommerce plugins and should work fine with most non-WooCommerce plugins.

2. Internet Only Service – These services are provided for us to do the actual work over the internet only.  If you want us to also add in telephone calls, project management, training, education etc then please purchase the pre-sales service and/or additional consulting time which is available by the hour.

3. Warranty Disclaimer – We offer Xeroom in good faith and make no warranties here or in our support desk about “fitness-for-purpose” or that Xeroom will do and perform what you require.  For any services provided we will use our best endeavours in a professional way to get things working correctly but do not guarantee that Xeroom will work or integrate with your particular setup, plugins (in both Xero and Woocommerce), themes and versions of server software. Xeroom and our services and support are provided on the basis that you accept these risks for your project.

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