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You have reached the Xeroom website from the ionCube applications site.  We use ioncube to encode and encrypt our plugin to protect our investment in Xeroom.  ioncube is the leading app that a lot of plugin authors use.  For the user most hosts provide the ioncube loader app which decodes the plugin and allows the plugin to run.  Without it you will be returned an error message or in some instances when the error message doesn’t parse correctly, a page of random characters. WordPress don’t recognise or allow the use of such encoders since their rules are that any code hosted on their repository has to be open source.  This should not be considered a negative connotation as WordPress don’t validate code, functionality or the quality of a plugin they merely host it.  For that reason we have moved our support and download pages to our site here.

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Xeroom has been created, developed and tested over the last 10 years by a team of experienced UK professional accountants, bookkeepers and developers.

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