Xeroom WooCommerce to Xero Integration

Detailed Features & Benefits – 10 Years Experience

Xeroom Detailed Features & Benefits 

The full detailed list of Xeroom feature is extensive and has been developed over almost 10 years of experience in integrating WooCommerce with Xero by a team of qualified experts in Xero, accounting and plugin development.  You won’t need all of these to start with but you are future-proofing and de-risking your investment by deploying a seasoned, stable, extensible plugin application that is packed with time-saving features to give you ease-of-use flexibility, control and error-free reliability.  Compare this list with the competition most of which have a fraction of these.  Many players come and go within a few years as they realise this is not an application for the faint-hearted eg OneSaas, Automate.io.  As you can see what was added in 2022 we continue to add substantial improvements to make Xeroom keep well ahead of the pack with its World-leading position.  We price this all not for the number of features provided but to be less than an hour of an accountant’s time.

Click to open as pdf Xeroom Full Feature List – Jan 24th 2023 Click to download as an Excel spreadsheet so you can use as a checklist to decide what features are important and if the competition provides them. Xeroom Full Feature List – Jan 24th 2023.

Xeroom Full Feature List – January 2023
  Date Summary Benefits
Installation ✔️      
PHP8 Compatability 2022 Avoid errors php 7.4 is now desupported and deemed a security risk.
Installation – Drop down selection lists of valid Xero sales, shipping, rounding, inventory, tax methods and tracking categories 2022 Avoid errors Preset valid selections in drop-down lists make account configuration a breeze.
Generate correct Xero URI for connection  2022 Avoid errors Avoids problems with permalinks, makes Xero side of setup quick, easy & error free
Automatic Xero connection token refresh every 15 mins 2022 Avoid errors Avoid connection to Xero dropping everytime more than two apps are connected to the same Xero account.
Global Product Synch – Creates all products in Xero or WC 2022 Integration Saves tedious export/import of product codes and data between the apps with quick uploads.
Xero Authorise button   Performance Enables quick connection to Xero for app selection, authentication and linking.
Xero API Settings   Avoid errors Easy to set and check the Xero app connection credentials.
Invoice Settings ✔️      
Invoice Number – Use Xero sequence   Invoice content Keeps Xero numbering clean.
Invoice Number – Use Order No and set prefix and start no   Invoice content Easy to identify invoices created from website by order no.
Invoice Number – Use invoice PDF plugin, sequential order no or other custom no 2022 Invoice content Matches and ties orders with invoices and custom PDF plugin invoices.
Invoice Reference – Use order no 2022 Invoice content Easy to locate relevant invoices in Xero by order no.
Invoice Reference – Add prefix and gateway 2022 Invoice content Useful for Xero  payment tracking, analysis and reconciliation
Invoice Reference – Add payment/card reference 2022 Invoice content Useful for Xero  payment tracking, analysis and reconciliation
Invoice Reference – Add customer name 2022 Invoice content Useful for Xero  payment tracking, analysis and reconciliation
Invoice Reference – Use PO number 2022 Invoice content Customers can use PO numbers as reference on their invoices
Invoice Reference – Use custom from other plugins 2022 Invoice content Matches and ties invoice reference to be consistent and avoid confusion.
Set custom shipping price code and description   Invoice content Control over invoice content
Set default sales account if sales breakout not required   Invoice content Simplifies setup
Customer Account Nos managed in WC and sent to Xero with orders – Both native and use other plugins 2022 Invoice content Matching of the Customer Account No in Xero with that used in WooCommerce
Prevent orders with zero value from posting (in bulk send also) 2022 Avoid errors Avoids clutter in Xero account from orders paid for with coupons
WC Order Notes optionally posted to face of invoice 2022 Invoice content Flow of important information from the customer to Xero and delivery note
Product prices on orders can be posted as sales tax inclusive or exclusive from WooCommerce.   Avoid errors Flexibility in how prices are kept in Xero and WooCommerce.
Payment Settings ✔️      
Payment gateways broken-out with separate account mapping for each   Invoice content Provides essential payments analysis in Xero.  Also provides easy reconciliation for different bank and payment accounts.
Send payments to credit and asset accounts in Xero   Integration Can handle payments on account and non-bank asset or liability accounts in Xero.
Ability to add, manage and use Account Funds plugin for users  2022 Integration Ability to control and authorise purchases plus build customer loyalty.
Send payments automatically or manually   Invoice processing Send automatically or manually one-by-one or in bulk.
Select payments that are sent automatically by gateway   Integration If automatic then some gateways need instant payment sending on order eg card or Paypal but others need delaying until payment received eg Bank transfer, COD etc.
Payments can be sent indivually from within the order or in bulk by ticking the orders   Invoice processing Mirror your payments process by posting as you go or at month end for B2B customers paying on monthly account.
Order Posting ✔️      
Set order send timing: Automatic, instantly, on a schedule or manually one-by-one or bulk send. 2022 Invoice processing Provides precise flexibility and control over the order posting process.
Set automatic order send triggers by WC order status: Creation, Pending Pmt, Processing, On Hold, Completed 2022 Invoice processing Provides flexibility and control over the automatic order posting process.
Custom Order Send triggers – Can be on any custom status change created by WC Custom Order Status Manager Plugin 2022 Invoice processing Enables your order processing sequence to be followed exactly
Coupon Code Mapping – Set and reuse same Xero code for multiple coupons 2022 Invoice processing Avoids clutter from lots of single-use coupons
Autocomplete orders with virtual and downloadable products options 2023 Invoice processing Once an order is sent and paid the WooCommerce status can be set to complete automatically.
If a product code doesn’t exist in Xero one will be created using the SKU or if no SKU exists then with product ID.   Avoid errors Product SKUs from WooCommerce will be used where they exist in Xero but this fallback avoids failed postings.
Xero Contact Mapping ✔️      
Match existing or use new customer billing name on invoice   Invoice content Set what customer attribute to match and use in invoice. Fallback prevents failed invoiced in event of missing or wrong data.
Match existing or use new company name on invoice   Invoice content Set what customer attribute to match and use in invoice. Fallback prevents failed invoiced in event of missing or wrong data.
Match existing or use email on invoice   Invoice content Set what customer attribute to match and use in invoice. Fallback prevents failed invoiced in event of missing or wrong data.
Use WooCommerce or use Xero contact address   Invoice content Set what customer attribute to match and use in invoice.
Xero Order Management ✔️      
Xero status shown for each order – eg Sent, Not Sent etc   Integration Visual colour coded status is quick and easy to follow and identify problems
Order notes show Xero send actions and errors   Integration All Xero relevant data is kept with the order.
Filter WooCommerce orders by Xero sent status  2022 Performance Easy to list unsent orders for further checking, batch or individual processing.
A range of Bulk Actions available for order processing   Performance Makes selection and processing a breeze.
Inventory ✔️      
Two way inventory check at time of order – for order items only   Integration Don’t sell inventory you don’t have.
Set inventory Master for order check    Integration Master can be set to Xero or WooCommerce to mirror your process
Inventory sych can be done for all products in near real-time, on a schedule   Integration Don’t sell inventory you don’t have.
Inventory reduced when order posted   Avoid errors Inventory kept accurately and up-to-date
Inventory increased when order cancelled or refunded 2022 Avoid errors Inventory kept accurately and up-to-date
Inventory debugging tool 2022 Avoid errors Enables Xero synch failures to be troubleshot (Xero doesn’t provide detail)
Synch log files produced for each synch   Avoid errors Enables easy checking and trouble-shooting
Performance & Control ✔️      
Batch processing rate control throttle and Xero API call rate optimisation and restart 2022 Avoid errors Enables batch orders to be posted reliably without rejection by Xero and batch failure.
Set chunking size for batch processing   Avoid errors Enables optimisation of processing speed whilst avoiding batch rejection.
Send and Resend orders one-by-one or bulk send a batch of orders by ticking the orders. 2022 Performance Easy to send large batches for month-end or one by one.
Send payments one-by-one or bulk send a batch of payments. 2022 Performance Easy to send large batches for month-end or one by one.
Send payments with orders or separately   Performance Can mirror your order handling processes.
Decouple send to Xero from checkout 2022 Performance Avoid any checkout freezes or delays for customers especially when placing large orders
Automatic send of new and failed orders every 5 minutes 2022 Performance Automatic send when checkout decoupled.
Large order (>15 items) processing 2022 Performance Automatic retry of failed orders or batches of orders. Useful when Xero is busy and fails large orders due to slow processing and time-outs.
Licence expiry 7-day grace period added. 2022 Avoid errors Provides time to renew licence or cover authentication issues
Bulk Send Cron Job Cancel Button Added 2022 Avoid errors Cancel any Bulk Send jobs that don’t run
Product ✔️      
Use WC product codes, quantities, prices, taxes, coupons, discounts on Xero invoice 2022 Invoice processing Xero invoice data matches WooCommerce source exactly
Integrate WC data into respective Xero fields not just as a memo    Invoice processing Data is fully available for use by Xero eg reconciliations, reporting, journalling etc
Set and map product level accounts for sales, COGS, inventory, tracking categories. 2022 Reporting & analysis Provides detail for product level reporting in Xero as well as integration to save manual updates.
Assign Xero Tracking Category values at Product Level 2022 Reporting & analysis Make use of Xero Tracking Categories for analysis
Global Product Synch – Scheduled hard updates of product prices and descriptions in Xero from WC or from Xero to WC.   2022 Integration Save’s manual updates and keeps both systems harmonised to avoid errors and have “One version of the truth”. Can specify which products to update. NB: Soft update only sets the prices needed for an invoice to be posted.
Product description length >50 characters handled 2022 Avoid errors Xero won’t accept descriptions > 50 characters and will fail the order.
Product SKU/code length >30 characters handled 2022 Avoid errors Xero won’t accept product codes > 30 characters and will fail the order. Some popular plugins use codes this long for coupons, points, subscriptions etc
Accounting ✔️      
Create invoices as Draft, Awaiting Payment or Paid Status in Xero (if instant payment used)   Invoice processing Flexibility and time saving if automatically approved and awaiting payment.
Credit note automatic generation on full or partial refunds 2022 Invoice processing Keeps Xero in synch with orders
Cancelled orders not posted to Xero   Invoice processing Avoids confusing invoices arriving in Xero
Automatic purchase bill generation in Xero stopped on inventory adjustments. 2022 Avoid errors These bills are confusing and illogical
Xero Due Date – Set default for invoices   Invoice content Can use the Xero default or set a custom value – useful for b2b customers paying on account at month end
Email selected Xero invoices from within WooCommerce to customer and send as a batch   Invoice processing Can send out Xero invoices to just those customers who need them instead of all.
GST/VAT can be mapped simply or in full complexity   Invoice content Simple setup option if not selling overseas. 
Complex GST/VAT mapping by geography, product type and tax class   Invoice content Mapping of ALL WooCommerce tax rates, EC VAT and digital service MOSS can also be modelled.
Set emailed Xero invoices to be paid or unpaid status   Invoice processing Useful for B2B where unpaid invoices are sent on a statement at month end.
Send delivery address to invoice as well as billing address   Invoice content Essential for order processing or shipping note generation from within Xero.
Selectable Rounding Adjustment Account    Avoid errors Can keep WooCommerce errors separate from other sources in Xero.
Post orders into different product or category sales accounts in Xero – unlimited no   Reporting & analysis Enables analysis of sales in Xero by product or product category.
Orders posted by product WC sub-categories to parent category sales accounts in Xero   Reporting & analysis Mix sales breakdown by product and product category to avoid data sparcity (ie blanks in the detail) and focus on the important products.
Orders posted by geography to different Xero sales accounts   Reporting & analysis Enables analysis of sales in Xero by geography or region or postcode.
Handling of hyphens and leading Xeros in Xero COA codes   Invoice processing With this these will generate an error resulting in the invoice failing.
Handling of special characters by Xero   Invoice processing With this these will generate an error resulting in the invoice failing.  This can occur in the customer or company name, address, geography or product description.
Multiple currencies handled provided base currencies match   Invoice content Orders can be taken in any currency and posted to Xero provided the WC and Xero base currencies are the same.
Failed Status Orders – Prevent being posted   Invoice processing Avoid confusion being brought into Xero.
Synch payments made in Xero back to WooCommerce   ✔️  
Invoices paid in Xero updated in WC with autocompletion with digital and virtual product options. Status shown on order dash.   Integration Useful for B2B customers who pay at month-end.  Payment status is synched back to WooCommerce.
Coupons  ✔️      
Map WC coupons – %, fixed and cart   Avoid errors Coupons and discounts in WC are integrated into Xero and not just posted as a flat memo.
Handle taxes correctly on coupons    Avoid errors Correct data is posted and recalculated in Xero
Map coupons > than 30 characters in length   Avoid errors Xero rejects any invoice with coupon codes bigger than 30 characters.  
Enable coupons for other coupon plugins   Avoid errors We provide support for the main coupon plugins.
Troubleshooting  ✔️      
Debug screen listing each order no and error messages from Xero and Xeroom with search   Avoid errors Makes it easy to check why any orders failed to send and why.
Order custom fields show Xero invoice no and other info   Avoid errors Enables checking and investigation
Log files for Global Synchs    Avoid errors Enables checking and investigation
Connection Status Button – Active/Broken   Avoid errors Easy to see if connection is working or not
Updates  ✔️      
Free updates with bug fixes and enhancements every 1-2 months   Avoid errors Ensure plugin performance and benefits are maximised whilst errors minimised.
WordPress and WooCommerce compatability testing 3 days from release   Avoid errors Ensure latest version benefits flow to users.
Update using standard WordPress plugin screen   Performance Quick and easy to update with one-click
Release notes with feature info and bug fix details   Avoid errors Provides context and explanation to maximise benefits
Plugin update notifications 2022 Avoid errors Ensure the latest bug fixes and enhancements are deployed
Support  ✔️      
Installation – Low cost $99 installation service available   Reduce risk Jumpstart your integration, avoid setup errors, max benefits
Knowledge Base System   Avoid errors Self-service provides you with quick detailed answers, release notes and useful articles
Help-desk ticketing    Avoid errors Get dedicated extra help when you need it.
Premium support services – phone, Zoom etc   Performance Get extra help when you need it the way you want it
Presales consulting    Reduce risk Check requirements analysis and fit for Xeroom
Post sales consulting for large projects   Extend capability/lower risk Use Xeroom experts for system integration and customisation work
Bug fixing timescales – 1 week for core, 3 weeks for non-core   Avoid errors Responsive solutions
Agreed enhancements – 3-4 weeks   Performance Quick risk-free development 
Compatability with other plugins:  ✔️      
WooCommerce Sequential Order Number   Extend capability Use metadata value to set
WooCommerce Order Status Manager   Extend capability  
Account Funds   Extend capability  
Customer Account Numbers – Any   Extend capability Use metadata value to set
Custom Coupon Codes   Extend capability  
WooCommerce Invoice PDF    Extend capability Use metadata value to set
WooCommerce Wholesale Prices   Extend capability  
WooCommerce Payment on Account   Extend capability  
WooCommerce Product Bundles   Extend capability  
WooCommerce Subscriptions   Extend capability Compatibility added for points based SKUs and discounts.
Purchase Orders for WooCommerce   Extend capability The PO number, name and address details get posted
Point of Sale for WooCommerce   Extend capability  
Smart Coupons for WooCommerce Pro   Extend capability  
Smart Coupons For WooCommerce Coupons   Extend capability  
Invoices for WooCommerce – Bas Elbers   Extend capability Use metadata value to set
WooCommerce Coupon Restrictions   Extend capability  
WooCommerce Invoice Gateway   Extend capability  
WooCommerce PayPal Payments   Extend capability  
WooCommerce PDF Invoices   Extend capability Use metadata value to set
Woocommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Pro   Extend capability Use metadata value to set
WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate   Extend capability  
WooCommerce Points & Rewards   Extend capability  
WooCommerce Stripe Gateway   Extend capability  
WooCommerce Wholesale Ordering   Extend capability  
WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce    Extend capability  
Other Features  ✔️      
Xeroom is a dedicated WordPress plugin not a separate application   Ease of use  Easy and intuitive to install, update and use.  No additional platform to learn and maintain going forward.
Xeroom is focussed wholly on WooCommerce and Xero unlike other generic ETL connectors     100% focussed on integrating properly with WooCommerce and its other apps.
Secure connection to Xero used   Security Easy to setup, use and maintain with no risk to data loss.
Bulk Data Loader Tool – for historic invoices load   Extend capability Enables cut-over to Xero in mid accounting period.
Developed by chartered accountants and Xero certified bookkeepers   Low risk Extensive understanding, knowledge, experience and skill deployed into Xeroom.
Coded and tested by WooCommerce plugin specialist firm   Low risk Coded to very high quality standards to minimise bugs, errors and ensure stable operation.
Independent 5* public reviews on TrustPilot   Low risk Trusted and endorsed by other users
Low price annual subscription of $197    Value for money We have invested over $300,000 so far in Xeroom development and make this available for only $197 with no expensive monthly fees or transaction or data limits.  
Pricing model   Value for money Price is set not by the no of features but to be less than 1 hour of a chartered accountant’s time.
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