Xeroom Presales Installation, Check & Fix


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Presales Service – If you are considering buying Xeroom and would like to have it installed to show the app working on your system which can be test or live.  This also covers up to 1 hour of presales help on things such as phone calls, online meetings, training etc. that you need in order to evaluate whether Xeroom is the right application for you and your organisation.

Troubleshooting/presales installation – If you have already purchased a licence and are having trouble getting it to run properly you can use this service to do a troubleshooting/check of your installation.  We will do a simple install and use default settings where possible as it is not a fully configured installation:

  1. After ordering please send by email to [email protected] with an admin login to your website and invitation to your Xero instance using this email and Peter Lloyd as the user.  Please also tell us what problems you are experiencing.
  2. We will create a test invoice using a test product and the bank payment checkout to prove that the installation is working fine.
  3. It is possible that there is a conflict with another plugin on your site preventing Xeroom from working properly in which case we will let you know.   We will NOT meddle with your site in any way or uninstall or install any plugins apart from Xeroom and the test product that we will create. You can rule out this possibility by disabling all your plugins apart from WooCommerce and Xeroom and see if the issue remains.  It not then you can re-enable them one-by-one to see which one is creating the conflict.
  4. We aim to complete this work within 48 hours of ordering.  If I have not responded then it may be that your email got missed or put in spam by accident so please send me a reminder.

NB: Before ordering – Please check that you have version 10.2 of the ioncube loader installed on your server and that you are using at least version 7.1 or later of php as this is required by Xeroom to work.  You can use plugins to determine this or else contact your host.  Also please ensure that both WordPress and WooCommerce are updated to the latest or maximum of 3 month old versions.

Your data is safe! – We agree to keep all your WooCommerce and Xero data and logins secure.  We have a standard legal NDA that can be downloaded here if you are in any way concerned by this aspect.

Why do we charge for presales work? – We have kept the price of Xeroom as low as possible for our customers, many of whom are IT professionals, who understand the complexity of our plugin and are happy to do things themselves without any presales assistance.  It is impossible for us to recover presales costs on the purchase price of our software as it is so low, unlike an ERP or accounting system implementation for example which costs thousands of pounds.  If we didn’t charge for our services then we would have to either refuse to provide it or else increase the licence prices for everyone to cover it.  We concluded that the fairest way is to provide the services people want and charge a great value low fixed-price fee (less than the typical hourly rate for a qualified accountant or IT contractor).

Refunds – This service is non-refundable.