Planned Feature Enhancements

Planned Update Releases 

We plan to do two major update releases for Xeroom a year.  We work according to the market demand so features may be postponed if there is little interest.  If there are serious bug fixes identified then these will be released as soon as possible.

Xeroom Version 2.0 

This major version was released on 22nd of March 2018.  The new features are:

  1. Posting sales into separate Xero accounts according to product categories.
  2. Posting sales into separate Xero accounts according to geographic zones & regions.
  3. Refunds – The posting of credit notes for refunds made in Woocommerce.
  4. Manual posting and/or reposting of order to Xero from WooCommerce individual orders in Woo backend admin.
  5. Ability to create invoices as draft status in Xero.
  6. Ability to post shipping revenues/charges to a separate sales account in Xero.
  7. Ability to repost payments for any failed orders.
  8. Notes added to the order when posted to Xero or order cancellations and credit notes made.
  9. Increased security of code to new WP standards.
  10. Enforced use of more secure TLS1.2 communications protocol for talking to Xero.
  11. Various bug fixes.
  12. Encrypted code using ioncube for greater security.

Xeroom Version 2.04 – June 2018

This will have the following features added:

  1. Multiple Tax Methods – The ability to handle not only standard but reduced and zero rated tax on products.  Full support will be given for the geographic treatment and rates used in each of these 3 methods
  2. Ability to handle tax lookup table from Alavara (for USA clients with local, district and federal taxes).
  3. Ability to post different payment methods to different bank accounts in Xero.
  4. Enforced use of TLS v1.2 for communications security.
  5. Rounding errors preventing Xero reconciliations resolved.
  6. Posting of Stripe and other card fees to a separate account.
  7. Xero connectivity status button.
  8. Support for WooCommerce bulk discount product volume discount plugin.
  9. Shipping line – Removal of the shipping line from the Xero invoice if there is no shipping including digital and downloadable products.

Xeroom Version 2.05 – Dec 2018

  1. Scheduled full inventory synch for all products.
  2. Send Xero invoice to customers automatically one order placed in WooCommerce.

Xeroom Version 2.10 – Due for release 1st May 2020

  1. Installation using Oauth2 – Simplified installation and setup.  Oauth 1a connection to Xero removed. 

Xeroom Version 2.11 – June 2020

  1. Fix global inventory double count bug.
  2. Fix tax error for Canada version of Xero.
  3. Send invoice on change of status to processing.
  4. Process refund orders – for returns, credit notes generated automatically.  

Wish list – No future date set

  1. Multicurrency – Ability to work with the multicurrency version of Xero.
  2. Ability to work with WooCommerce Bulk discount product volume discount plugin.


Known Bug List

Here we will list the common issues or known bugs that we are working on to be fixed in the next release.

1. Tracked Inventory COGS

When WooCommerce is set to be the master for inventory the COGS for a tracked item in Xero gets overwritten with the sales price.

2. Tracked Inventory – Variable Items “Invalid product” at Checkout

When Xero is set to be the master for inventory the checkout will freeze giving an “invalid product” message for variable products.

3. The Same Order Appears Twice in Xero

This can very occasionally happen and is usually triggered when the customer cancels the checkout process half-way through.  They then repeat it again.  This can happen if their internet connection or payment processor connection stops or is interrupted while the checkout is in progress and so WooCommerce thinks it has not completed and so reattempts the checkout process which means that Xeroom is triggered to send the order again.  The same reference number will show in Xero so the user will see that this has happened.

Xeroom Changelog History

Version 1.1
Release date: 25th October, 2014  Initial stable release.

Version 1.2
Release date:  3rd June, 2015  Enhancements to inventory synch

Version 1.3
Release date: 11th March, 2016

Version 1.4.1

Release date: 18th December, 2016  Bug fixes and sales tax account bug fix

Version 1.5.2.

Release date: 15th May, 2017. This requires at least WooCommerce: 3.0.6 and WordPress v 4.7.4 and will not work with earlier versions.

Bug fixes:

  1. Header issue – on some servers this bug prevented the order process from completing.
  2. Licence key – was randomly dropping.
  3. Free version product codes – were not copied across or synched with Xero correctly.
  4. Free version bank account setting – was not recognised and so no completion possible.
  5. Free version tax account not updating – if changed or creating in Xero if not exist.


  1. Upgraded to work with Version 3.06 of Woocommerce. Earlier versions are no longer supported.
  2. Products can now be held inclusive or exclusive of GST/VAT/Sales tax in Woo. An option is added in the settings to set this. By default prices are received by Xero and treated as tax exclusive with whatever GST tax specified in Xero or copied across then added by Xero. Some customers want to keep their prices in Woo as tax inclusive and so when it was sent to Xero the tax was added again resulting in incorrect tax. Now this is possible.
  3. Settings saved – if Xeroom is uninstalled and then reinstalled the settings are now remembered and repopulated.
  4. Before Sale product prices – these are now added as a suffice to the product description so the invoice in Xero shows both the full (before sale) and the sale prices.

Known Issues

  1. The word “&ndash” appears on the Xero invoice instead of “-“ character – This occurs sometimes with certain variable products and is due to the “-“ character being sent as it’s html version. The issue seems to originate in Woocommerce and it is on the list to fix.
  2. Sale products discount in Xero – Currently there is no simple way to handle this in Xero so that you show the full price, the % discount and the net price. We have provided a work around by showing the full price in the description and will look to create a solution in a future release.
  3. The free licence activation doesn’t activate sometimes – if this happens please use this premium licence key 58fcfae2dbc6e which will expire on 1st September by which time we will have fixed this bug.

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