Your Licence Is Expired Error

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      Peter Lloyd

      “Your license is expired, please contact the xeroom support team. ”

      This message can get triggered for a number of reasons.

      1. Genuine expiry – Please check the expiry date which will be a year from your purchase. If the date is still valid then continue otherwise renew your licence.

      2. Communications or firewall – Having examined the logs created with this error this message can be more generic and can mean that your server did not make contact with our server for any number of reasons including firewall blocks at your end – normally a retry will work but clear the other errors first too ie your Xero API keys look like they have an issue – which maybe related to the same comms issue, and the bank account settings too.

      3. Our server might be down – Since Xeroom validates the licence with our server. This is very rare but can happen -eg we did go down for one day in September due to a massive DDOS attack but that was the first day off-line for a few years.

      4. You can check that the comms are ok by running a curl command from your server’s shell access “curl -I” where xxxx is replaced with your licence key. This should return a “success” message, if you get a 403 error then it means your server is not communicating with ours which can be due to firewall blocks either side (unlikely) or timeouts due to some internet delays (more likely). You can also try that same command from your pc “” should do the same although this only validates that our server is running fine and returning the success message but NOT that your server is fine or that the internet delays are the cause.

      5. If it is found to be intermittent and not repeatable then it is most likely due to timeout errors due to slow comms between your server and ours so look at doing some ping tests in a CMD window to check the speed. If this is the case then take the issue up with your host or consider moving to a better quality host.

      6. To work around the issue – Any orders that have failed to send can easily be seen on the order screen. Simply select using the tick boxes and do a batch send to Xero.

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