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XERO Tax/GST Mapping

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      Tracey Riley

      I have a message on the settings page for XEROOM that says: Taxes have not been associated to Xero Tax Names. Please review your tax settings and enter the corresponding Xero Tax Names.

      Were do I find these settings?

      On the Taxes tab in XEROOM settings there is a choice of Simple Tax Methods or Complex Tax Methods – what is the difference?

      I have tested pushing through a sale from Woo Commerce and it went to XERO with a tax code of GST which did not exist in XERO so it created it. We need the GST code to be GST on Income.

      Thank you.

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      Peter Lloyd

      Hi Cathy

      You need to go to the Xeroom/settings/taxes tab. Here you can use simple or complex tax settings and this is to map the WooCommerce tax settings to their equivalents in Xero (which must exist and be spelt exactly the same in Xero). Simple enables you to set one Xero method for each Woo tax class/option ie standard, reduced, xero etc whereas complex lets you map at the next level of detail down in Woo ie by geography/postcode.

      To work GST needs to be properly set up in both Woo and Xero. Your test sounds like the tax is not set in Xeroom as “GST on Income”. Xeroom does not create any tax codes in Xero it simply matches what is there and uses that.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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