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      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for all your help with the plugin setup via email

      We’re looking at implementing a few features for another site and had a few questions

      – Tracking Category: How do we assign a category to the products? We’ve set up the tracking category in Xero, but not sure how to reference it in the setting field. E.g Department: Department 1, Department 2, Department 3 etc

      – Replacing WooCommerce ID with custom field on reference: We’ve got a piece of code to replace the order number on orders with a custom field. Is there a way to pass this into Xeroom so is used the custom field instead of the WooCommerce order number?

      //replace order number with order reference
      function display_order_ref_as_order_number( $order_number, $order ) {
      $order_reference = get_post_meta($order_number, ‘order_ref’, true );
      return $order_reference;
      add_filter( ‘woocommerce_order_number’, ‘display_order_ref_as_order_number’, PHP_INT_MAX, 2 );

      – Sending order to Xero: We are creating a lot of order via a script, and use the admin to set the status to ‘Processing’. Is there a way to trigger the send to Xero when ‘Processing’ (three dots in WooCommerce order table) is clicked to send to Xero?

      Thanks for all your help
      The plugin has been perfect

      Kind regards,

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      One additional question:

      – Invoice send to Xero queue, how long does it take before it processes the queue

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      Peter Lloyd

      Hi Ray

      Thanks for your post and kind comments – glad it is proving of value! In answer to your questions:

      1. Invoices get created on checkout, order creation or on bulk send.

      2. Xero tracking categories – at present we only have geography working automatically which picks up the location of the customer and tags it in Xero with this. That was driven by the need for digital VAT within the EC. We plan to add the others dept, cost centre etc in the future but can’t say exactly when yet. If you are not wanting to use all products across all depts (ie multidimensional reporting) then you could use the Woocommerce categories for the products and then set the accounts for each category in the Xeroom settings.

      3. Custom Invoice Ref – This is not something we have tried but you might be able to populate the order no with your custom ref and then that would get picked up by Xeroom.

      4. You can use the bulk order send in the WooCommerce order screen to trigger it manually or set the autocomplete option to be on and then as soon as they complete the orders should post to Xero.


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      Thanks Peter

      I’ve tweaked our setup and found a way round some of these

      Have you got any documentation regarding the hook and filters available with Xeroom which I can attach some custom functions to?

      I think if there’s a filter around invoice ref, the function above could replace the id with the custom field before sending to WooCommerce

      Also is there a php function which I can use to start the invoice push function? I can then attach this so additional order status

      e.g add_action( ‘woocommerce_checkout_order_processed’, ‘xeroom_push_to_xero’)

      Kind regards,

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