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    For some reason, the settings page has accepted the licence key but it will not save any other settings at all. I have deactivated, deleted and deleted the Tables from the database then reinstalled it and I have the same issue.

    I Have no clue as to why this is happening but it’s preventing me from moving forward with a client installation. Currently is on my dev server and its running Wamp Apache 2.4.27 php7.1.9 mysql5.7.19 and the latest version of WordPress. woo commerce version3.4.5

    Any help to get this started would be great Thanks

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    Peter Lloyd

    Hi Brett

    This is due to the version of ioncube loader not being compatible with php. For php7.1.9 you need ICL 10.2. I suspect that you have an older version 10.0 or 10.1. Please check and let me know.


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    Hi Have installed it using the wizard and this is what I get when installing:

    Loader Installed

    The ionCube Loader version 10.2.5 for PHP 7.1 is already installed and encoded files should run without problems.

    I restarted the web server.

    Unistalled and cleared out the database

    downloaded a new zip file from your site and installed then activated

    Version 2.0.4 is installed.

    and now can’t save licence or anything else on the page. same as before.

    I have no idea what is causing this? but running out of time. with this client

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    Peter Lloyd

    OK so you have the correct versions of ICL and php. It must be something on your install that is conflicting. Can you please try on another fresh site on the same server or easier just disable all the plugins apart from Woo and Xeroom by renaming the plugins directory and then copying back the Woo and Xeroom subdirs to a new /plugins/ directory?

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    Hi Peter

    Thanks for your help. I have renamed the plugins folder and copied just the woo and Xeroom folders into it and facing the exact same issue on that page not able to activate or save any settings?

    could it be that I Installed the ICL from the wizard? I’m reaching at straws I know but id like to use your plugin it will save me having to build syncing plugin myself

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    something which might indicate something even after deleting and installing and NOT saving any settings, not even the activation key.

    the interface is showing that Xero is connected as the text below the two fields shows:
    Xero Connection Status Active *in green. so not sure how this stays even after deleting the database and the folder and reinstalling

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    Peter Lloyd

    If it is not the plugins causing the problem then it must be the server. If stuff is still showing after deleting then maybe something is cached somewhere in your browser. Is there anything unusual about your hosting account eg are you using a multi-site version of WP or are there any special hosting logins or security being used? I presume you are using all the latest versions of WP, Woo and Xeroom please double check these, etc? I cannot think of anything else to suggest other than creating a fresh WP install with a standard theme and trying it on that. If that doesn’t work then it confirms something unusual is going on with your hosting but I don’t know what.

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