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      Peter Lloyd

      Hi Support,

      We just picked up Xeroom however noticed a setting which may mean the product does not work for us.

      Using the official WP Xero plugin, the ‘Send Invoices’ dropdown has the option for ‘On Payment Completion’ – We use this method as it suits the way our business operates.

      I noticed Xeroom does not have this option. Only on Creation or Completion.

      Is this a feature that can be added? Or am I reading into this wrong?


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      Peter Lloyd

      Hi Luke

      I double-checked with the developers and you can almost do what you want by selecting the settings in the picture below.  The only difference is it doesn’t wait until payment is made to send the invoice which doesn’t matter if you take immediate payment (as both the order and payment go through leaving the woo order status as processing) but if by bank transfer then the invoice will be in Xero before you receive the payment, which is correct from an accounting point of view as you can see any unpaid for sales. You also have the option of manually sending the orders and payments to Xero in batches by ticking the boxes in the order screen which gives you exact control over it. 

      1. Invoice – send on creation
      2.  Payment – send automatically


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      Hi Pete,

      I do not see how enabling Send Payment can address the need for having invoices created On Payment Completion. It can actually be, and is for us, a huge problem that Xeroom does not allow creating invoices On Payment Completion.

      On Create Order option will create garbage invoices in Xero for failed orders and with Inventory Sync enabled and Xero being Master, each failed order will reduce inventory first in Xero and then in the store, so your store can be taken to out of stock state by a malicious actor. Failed orders can result when paying with Stripe and the credit card gets declined or paying with Klarna and not finishing Klarna form and just closing the it. The invoices for those failed orders then have to be manually voided in Xero, one at a time (Xero does not allow batch voiding) to put stock back in the store (when inventory is Tracked in Xero, it cannot be easily adjusted manually). So, the On Create Order option can take your store out of stock.

      On Order Completion option does not work either, because if you mark orders Complete when you ship, your inventory in Xero and, hence, the store (with Xero being Master) will not get reduced when an order is placed, but only when you ship. So, On Order Completion option can cause you to sell more than the stock you have if you get a lot of orders made say overnight.


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      Peter Lloyd

      Hi Alex

      Sorry for the delay in replying. I think in that case it is better to send them manually in batches once or twice a day. We do have on our enhancement list to do soon sending order on Processing which we will be doing in Q2 of 2020.


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