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      Mark Kostner

      I’m setting up the Xero App but can’t seem to find any information on what the OAuth Redirect URL is.

      I’m being asked for the following information when setting up the app:

      App name
      Application URL – I assume this is just the website URL
      Privacy policy URL – Options
      OAuth 2.0 Redirect URL – I can’t seem to find this information anywhere

      Any assistance would be appreciated.

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      Peter Lloyd

      Hi Mark

      This info is required for the OAuth 2.0. Xero is in the process of deprecating OAuth 1a and replacing it with OAuth 2.0. They no longer allow public apps to be created with 1a but private ones still can be by going to the following url.

      Log in to your Xero account at: http://login.xero.com and go to the Developer center at:  https://developer.xero.com/myapps?privateAppCreation=true.  Note that the previous url to access this  http://api.xero.com  no longer works.

      We will be developing Xeroom to use OAuth 2.0 in Q1 of 2020.


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      Peter Lloyd

      Sometimes for some reason the Private App button doesn’t show in Xero http://prntscr.com/r3jkjm  but if you clear your cache and cookies it should do so.  I just checked and had to log in twice to Xero as the first time it didn’t show as the url must be this https://developer.xero.com/myapps?privateAppCreation=true and not https://developer.xero.com/myapps/ which doesn’t show it any more.

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