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      Fernando Urzedo

      Hi everyone,

      My Xero account has two organisations, one being the actual production organisation, and the other is a demo organisation that we use for tests (some configs and accounts are similar to the production organisation, but not all).

      I obviously want my WooCommerce initially configured to talk to the demo organisation in Xero only, so I can run a few tests before switching it to the main production organisation.

      When I created the new app in Xero, it did not get associated with any of those Xero organisations, so I am wondering which organisation will be used when pushing the invoices and synchronising the inventory.

      Is there a way to control which Xero organisation will be connected to WooCommerce?

      Thank you

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      Hello guys, can I get any help here?


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      Peter Lloyd

      Hi Fernando

      When you connect to Xero from Xeroom it takes you to your Xero app and asks you which Xero organisation you wish to connect to – pls see the installation instructions. This is part of the setup which you do for both sites. So connect to Xero demo for testing and once complete then change the connection to Xero live.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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