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      Mark Kostner

      Hi there,

      I have a few questions about the global Inventory sync

      I have 8 products in Woocommerce
      I have exact same products in Xero
      I have set the following:
      Sync inventory Master – Woocommerce
      Prod Desc and Price Master – Woocommerce
      Sync all products as – Woo to Xero

      Wen I click the Sync now button I get confirmation that it’s syncing
      I check the Log files and I can see a sync took place – BUT only 4 of the 8 products show in the log file and the sync status says – Not updated
      I check in xero developer history and I can see items API was triggered with a response code of 200 – which means it was successful

      the inventory in Xero though was not updated. ie. it says qty 1 in woocommerce and qty 0 in Xero

      Any suggestions?

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      Peter Lloyd

      Hi Mark

      Please can you check that all the SKU codes on the products match up exactly between Woo and Xero for the ones that were not synched. Also what if any messages show in the Xeroom debug page?


Viewing 1 reply thread
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