Autocompletion of Orders and Payments

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      Peter Lloyd
      Autocompletion can get very confusing so I have provided some further explanation below:
      Autocompletion by Xeroom
      Xeroom has a setting that will send the payment automatically to Xero as soon as it is marked “complete” by Woo which happens with immediate payments or when a delayed payment such as bank is marked as complete.  This is what we mean by autocompletion by xeroom.
      Autocompletion by Woocommerce
      WooCommerce automatically completes orders for virtual-downloadable products after successful payment, but it won’t autocomplete other orders, as you may need to take actions between when the order is processed and completed. If you sell shippable products, you probably need to ship them before completing the order. If you sell virtual products like services, you probably have to do something between when the order is paid and completed.
      There are a few plugins that can force autocomplete on physical products or digital ones that for any reason don’t get completed when paid:  – I have not tried this one and it is not free but $29  – I use this one on my Xeroom site as it seemed logical and I needed it to trigger the licence generation process and my products are not physical but digital.
      “Install this plugin and automatically complete your WooCommerce orders automatically. This plugin is compatible with WooCommerce 2 and 3+ and works with all major payment providers including PayPal, SagePay and Stripe.
      • Paid orders of virtual products only: orders containing “Virtual” products only will be completed upon successful payment.
      • All paid orders of any product: orders of any product (even physical) will be turned to “Completed” upon successful payment.
      • All orders: each and every order will turn to “Completed” irrespective of the payment status.

      Please note that enabling this plugin against all orders can allow the user to access the product before it has been paid for.”

      On my own physical products website I don’t use either of these as I want my sales girl to check and manually complete the orders in Woo once we have actually shipped them from our warehouse so the customer gets an email that is all done from our end and to expect their goods soon.

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