A few teething problems: tax rates

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      Firstly, thank you for the new version without the ioncube requirements; I have bought and installed it very smoothly! This is my first time using Xeroom; we have the WC Xero add-on but it’s not very customisable and I am hoping that Xeroom will be more friendly.

      I have a few queries based on my experience with the other Xero add-on and how it differs from Xeroom.

      1. Zero tax rates are not coming up right for me. I use a third party add-on (Aelia’s EU VAT assistant) which allows me to specify precise tax rates for each region. This seems to work well with Xeroom’s ‘Complex Tax Methods’ option, except that regions not explicitly listed in the EU VAT assistant’s chart are now given the default UK tax rate in Xero (20%) instead of reverting to 0% VAT correctly. They have no VAT added in Woocommerce; Woocommerce has all of the order information shown correctly at 0% VAT. Furthermore, on those orders the VAT rate doesn’t match the shipping VAT rate any more. With the WC Xero add-on, there was an option to ‘Match zero value tax rates’ which sorted these out so they come up in Xero as 0% VAT. With Xeroom, however, I’m seeing the 0% VAT lines arrive as ‘No VAT’ which isn’t right; it’s a completely different tax code for us. The result is that an order in the US (for example) comes out in Xero as 20% VAT on the item price and No VAT on the shipping, whereas in Woocommerce (and in reality) it was 0% on the item price and 0% on the shipping.

      2. Is it possible to exclude certain invoices from syncing to Xero? We are VAT-registered in multiple EU countries and Xero doesn’t support this properly, so we process all of our invoices for France manually in a separate installation of Xero. I appreciate that this is weird and unlikely to ever be supported properly, and that’s fine, but it means we have to set all invoice creation to Manual to avoid the French ones getting copied to our non-FR Xero installation. Is it possible to exclude countries from the syncing process? I suppose that we could just delete all of the French ones manually but I thought I’d ask!

      3. Is it possible to specify the branding theme? Again, this is a currency issue for us as we have three different branding themes. If it can only take one that’s fine, but the default in Xero is our GBP/English branding theme and being able to specify (say) a specific currency-neutral Woocommerce-friendly branding theme instead for all imports would be nice.

      4. Thank you for using the order number as the Reference! This is the most annoying thing about the official WC add-on! Is it possible to append any other text there as well? Since we have to sync the invoices manually, I would also like the WC order date to appear on the invoice in that field for invoices where we don’t raise them on the correct date (I have the option to process invoices on the posting date active as it allows our business invoices to remain properly sequential). This wouldn’t be necessary if we could automatically exclude the French ones but a config option to append other fields to the reference would be absolutely awesome.

      5. I don’t understand the ‘Tracking Category’ option. It appears to do nothing when I set it to use one of our Xero tracking categories. I would like it to auto-populate everything in the ‘Channel’ tracking category with ‘Online shop’ (for example), or auto-populate our ‘Region’ tracking category with the country. I can see a previous forum post mentioning that it’s meant for regions; if it’s only working with countries is the intended functionality to input the tracking category name for countries in that box in the Xeroom settings, or is there some other text I am supposed to enter? (If the country in WC doesn’t exist in the Xero tracking category, does it create it or does it simply leave the field blank?)

      6. Because Xero doesn’t neatly accept one bank account with multiple currencies, we have multiple Stripe bank accounts in Xero to reflect each currency we accept through Woocommerce. As such, payments need to go to one of several different banks, not one central payment account in Xero, which breaks our ability to use any of the payment features. Are there plans to accommodate this in Xeroom? I see the options for Default and Credit Card payments but there’s no further customisation possible to send our USD payments to a different Xero account to our GBP payments.

      7. The Bulk Actions dropdown menu option for sending unpaid invoices to Xero appears to do nothing when I select orders in Woocommerce’s Orders page. It refreshes but nothing is sent and nothing appears in the debug log. I can send the orders using the buttons on the individual order pages just fine, but there’s no quicker way to do it from the main Orders page.

      8. Is there any way to change the wording of the shipping lines? ‘Shipping Price’ isn’t how we’d like it to appear and it isn’t coming from our Woocommerce shipping methods or from Xero (where we have a delivery ‘product’ set up). A very minor thing.

      Sorry for all of the questions! I know a lot of these are our fault for being overly complicated, but I want to iron out whatever I can if I’m just misunderstanding the configuration. Anything that takes time away from me processing these manual invoices is a lifesaver.

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      +1 for problem #1: EU reverse charge is not handled and invoice creation fails for me.
      Having no VAT at all is a perfectly valid and used often when you sell B2B. WC handles it correctly (with an extension) and the WC order is correct. WC’s Xero integration handles it in the right way as well.
      Please fix this. Thank you!

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