Reply To: Ideal settings for processing trade orders

Peter Lloyd

Hi Shaun

Thanks for your email – please see my answers below:


Q We need to process orders with a discount/payment terms of 30 days. I don’t think Xeroom can do that per se, is it better to process trade invoices in Xero and have Xeroom sync products?
A. Correct we don’t provide any settings to handle that. So you can either create trade invoices in Xero and synch as you suggest or use Xeroom to create the invoices from Woo but manually edit the due date in Xero in the invoices.

Q.So would the correct settings be something like Sync Xero to Woo (so Woo remains master?), Automated= Hourly and set batch size to 500? Have I got the right settings, is this going to achieve what we need it to and have you encountered issues with a store so large?
A. Those are correct but whilst we did a lot of testing on this synch we have not tested it with such a large no of products which is almost certain to have issues. Bear in mind that Xero has strict API call limits (in terms of both volume and rate) to access it’s data which if breached leads to errors. We have coded it to chunk the data and retry but that still left occassional errors so we also had to create a throttle for it to work properly. I suggest doing testing on a cloned copy to see if it is possible.
Please PM with the messages from debug and I can advise if they can easily be resolved.