Reply To: Creating a contact in Xero

Peter Lloyd

Hi Dom – I have copied a Q & A for your question from another customer below which should hopefully explain things for you.

Q. When I try to import some new order from already existing customer in xero, that other plugin create new customer each time when importing order.This is plain wrong, as a customer with given email already exist in xero. So the question is: does your plugin checks if some customer already exist in xero when importing order, and does it attach new order from existing customer to this customer? Creating duplicate customers with same emails and ID each time when you importing an order is not helpful at all.
A. Xeroom will check and use the existing customer in Xero but will update the contact details with those in the order.

Q. How do you check for existing customer in Xero, by ID or by their email?
A. By customer name.

Q. But how it would work for “John Smith” for example? There could be few customers with same names but different IDs and emails.
A. Xero will only allow one person with the same name so Xeroom would simply update that with the latest customer to order.

Q.Are you sure? This sounds wrong to me.
A.It isn’t logical but we had to do it as you cannot search on the Primary Person’s name in Xero so most people put it in the Contact name field. Then you have to ask where to put the company name so the next best place is in the first line of the address. We map the individual’s name if B2C to this field and the company name to the first line of the address.

Q. And if some customer has outdated email address in woocommerce, but correct email in Xero, I suppose email in Xero would be overwritten, correct?
A. Yes but only when they place the next order in Woo

Q. Is it possible to disable contact update in Xero when importing orders?
A. No

To prevent this you could consider some workaround eg by adding a code or salutation to the original name in Xero. However it is best to consider to have just one master since if you have multiple data for the same name how do you know and manage which one is the true one?