Reply To: Pre-Sales Question

Peter Lloyd

Hi – sorry your post did not come through to me until now.

a. Create new products on the fly in Xero – You can do this anyway in Xero but Xeroom will copy any products across from Woocommerce.
b. Add rounding amount on the fly on the Xero invoice – You can do this anyway in Xero but Xeroom checks for rounding errors also.
c. Put payment method into Ref field on invoice, and include PO number on the Ref field for purchase order payment method. – The woocommerce order no is taken as the Xero reference and cannot be customised.
d. Purchase Order payment method needs the due date set to 20th of the next month, while for all other payment methods invoice date = due date. – No
e. New accounts in WooCommerce will be created immediately in Xero as follows:
i. The account name in WooCommerce becomes the contact name in Xero – Yes
ii. Contact persons are nested under the account name. – No
f. Ideally, store credits on WooCommerce orders will transfer properly to Xero invoices – Cancelled orders trigger credit notes and shortly so will refunds from Woo.