Reply To: Pre Sales Questions

Peter Lloyd

Hi – we are hoping to complete v2.0.5 at the end of this week or early next as we are getting the final bug fixes done and tested. It is a big release so there was a lot more work than I expected.

You could just keep Woo as the master and have no tracked inventory in Xero. You will still have products in Xero with a sales price and COGS which is needed for your invoices and accounting since all your sales will go to Xero and COGS will still be calculated in Xero but there will be no “random” purchases of inventory made to follow any updates to inventory from Woo – I hope that makes sense!

1. The only difference is that you will be permitted to have back orders in Woo (Xeroom won’t block that due to inventory in Xero being 0).
2. Non-tracked inventory in Xero is not synched or updated so your POS done directly from Xero will not have accurate inventory BUT if as you suggest this is done via Woo then no problem that will work fine.

So in conclusion you can either use Woo as the master and not track in Xero with ALL sales going through Woo or use Xero as the master with tracked inventory but will not be able to have backorders in Woo unless you manually add dummy stock in Xero for that item when it occurs, but you are able to take orders in directly to Xero – phew!