Reply To: Pre Sales Questions

Peter Lloyd

Hi – pls see my answers below:

2. How are you going to correct this inventory? Is it wrong in Woo as well? You can do a full update from a spreadsheet into Xero which will not make any bookkeeping adjustments. Or if it is correct in Woo then the global SKU synch feature in v2.0.5 will correct this. In this case since it is being tracked the inventory will be updated with the figures from Woo and the necessary adjustments to COGS made as if you were doing it manually in Xero.

3. This inventory will be adjusted as described in 2 above.

4. You could do that but as you guessed it would not be able to fix the issue of no back orders allowed in Xero. After thinking about it there is a way to do what you want. You can update the inventory in Woo for POS orders made in Xero with the new Global Inventory Synch feature but setting the master for the GIS to be Xero. This can be set to run hourly and would backflush all the inventory effects from the Xero POS only orders into Woo. Any website orders that are placed in Woo will update Xero inventory on an order by order basis and so everything would be perfectly synched and correct.

The only sacrifice though is that of no back orders. But what you could do as a workaround is to add dummy stock manually to Xero for any items that reach that point.