Hot News: 8th June Xero has dropped all connections to it's API-see Support page for details of how to fix [email protected]

Reply To: Pre Sales Questions


Thanks for your reply! Sorry about the delay in responding, but please see below:

1. That’s good news, thank you.

2. There are over 1500 items recorded in inventory in Xero already (all set to be tracked) with incorrect quantities. What happens to these items? With Woocommerce set to be the master will the inventory levels be updated in Xero overriding the current balances to reflect the true quantity? Or will it just add to the current balances recorded in Xero?

3. But the current inventory figures as recorded in Xero are incorrect. What happens to this stock/inventory? What adjustments will go into Xero once Woo is set as a master?

4. This could be a problem for us. What if we use a POS plugin to force all OTC orders to be made via Woo? This should force all inventory changes to go from Woo to Xero. It would possibly not fix the problem of BOs placed in Woo failing in Xero and not using the Xero inventory to part-fill the order though … is there any solution for this?