Reply To: Pre Sales Questions

Peter Lloyd

Hi – Thank you for your query.

1. The IA and COGS acs don’t have to be the existing one you can create and use new ones.
2. I don’t understand what you mean by stock assigned in Xero. Is this the xero inventory assigned to a project or what?
3. Your understanding is correct the inventory gets updated in Xero and the necessary adjustment purchase bill made.
4. If Woo is the Master for inventory then any OTC changes will not be reflected in Woo. For that you would need to set Xero to be the Master but obviously that would not permit backorders as Xero does not cater for that. The BO could be placed in Woo BUT the transaction would not synch to Xero as that condition would cause it to fail. Thus the inventory in Xero that could have part-filled the order is left untouched since the order is not posted.

Hopefully that makes it clearer!