Reply To: When is the invoice created?

Peter Lloyd

Hi Tyson

In the existing version 2.0.4 triggers it as part of the checkout process – as it checks for inventory. It will create is as a draft invoice regardless if paid immediately or not so if you test it with a bank transfer it should be created. When you then complete the order in Woo it will send the payment to Xero and the invoice status becomes “Paid”.

In v2.0.5 which is due out in the next few weeks as we have re-engineered the trigger process which will give far more control to manage the process. It will enable invoices to be sent 1)manually from the order’s action menu 2)on creation of the order or 3)on completion of the order. Under 1) you can also select one or more orders from the order summary and create a batch of invoices in one go.

Payments can be send 1)manually or 2)automatically on completion.

For you specific test what payment method were you using? Please try with a bank transfer method and send me the screenshot of what you get in Woo orders.