Reply To: Item code not sync with SKU


Hi Peter,

Thank you for the quick reply. I just ran another test again and it added an extra inventory item in Xero even though the SKU is matched with anitem.

Below is my test case:

1. I setup Item A (Item code 111) in Xero with 0 quantity
2. I made a product Item A (SKU 111) in the site with 10 quantity
3. I placed an order for 1 product of Item A and paid for it using Paypal.
4. The order is generated in the backend and Xero generated an invoice
5. A new Item A appear with a different Item code (112) in Xero without any detail info
6. The admin email received Back Order notification.
7. The stock level of Item A in Woocommerce backend become -1

The SKU seems to work only for Woocommerce side, the stock quantity in Woocommerce has been updated but the inventory items were not updated in Xero.

I can send you some screenshots if you need them.

I download the version 2.0.4 from the Download page.

Please get back to me as soon as possible because we have already received some orders and it is messing up our inventory on Xero.

Thank you!

Kind Regards,