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Reply To: Addresses not created in Xero

Peter Lloyd

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply. I am not familiar with Xero as I am the web designer. From what my client has shown me yes the branding it is to print the delivery note in Xero. He has a list of about 8-9 different style options for various purposes. He runs 2 different businesses on Xero and it is defaulting to the wrong logos.

For the delivery address I might be confusing the question with my description. From what I remember seeing on the Xero contact page, there were 2 addresses. One is used as the billing address and one is used as the delivery address, I think it is the 2nd on called Street Address? that the client would like to have populated with the Woocommerce shipping address.

At the moment only 1 address is sent across with the order details, the Woocommerce billing address, this is populated into the 1st address field on the form, I think might be Postal Address? but not sure.

Reading your link, I do wonder if my client is using a bit of a work around with the address fields?

Many thanks


Hi Mike

Thanks for the suggestions which I will put on my list:

1. The Street address that xero use is the physical address of the customer as opposed to his Postal address which is the office or registered or billing address and what we populate. It can be a delivery address but not if the customer wants delivery elsewhere say to home or another branch. Most people don’t use this and it doesn’t appear on the standard branding as I tried that for my own business and we end up having to put it as a line on the invoice. Yes you can do a custom brand and get it on but then it gets messy if you have multiple orders for the same customer but going to different end addresses, which is why I think Xero has not done it yet as it is a many to one relation. So until xero create a proper delivery address – which amazingly they don’t have and are excused with their pretty feeble work arounds ( the same with delivery notes) – that can be picked up properly and shows alongside the billing address on the invoice without special customisation it would be even more confusing to use it than it already is!

2. Branding – ok will make a note of that as it is the first time it has been requested. If enough people request it then we will make the investment. I am not sure we would advocate such a practice since it will get very messy and lead to a lot of mistakes but depends on how separate the businesses are. If they are just separate revenue streams but part of the same business then yes that sounds a good idea.