Reply To: Just purchased Xeroom


Hi Peter,
No Problems,
hope you had a nice trip, sorry to bug you when you were away. 😀

Version 7 of php.
No the SKU exist in Xero, which also prevented me saving any settings in plugin.
I Also suspect not setting up xero app first in xero was part of the problem.

I was set to have meeting with client & setup the xero side of things for them.
but my client has decided that xero is to hard to use & has opted to use a different bookeeping software…

so now I’m out of pocket for the cost of this plugin.

I think your product is the best available for xero and your plugin is the only one on the market that does not charge a ridiculous monthly charge.
But unfortunately I have no use for this plugin now that client doesn’t want to use xero.

I was wondering is there any chance for me to get a refund? I know its entirely my error, but if you could please consider a refund, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You for all your help over the last few weeks either-way.

Kind Regards.