Reply To: Just purchased Xeroom


Hi Peter,
Thanks for your reply by email,
I have upgraded to ioncube loader 10.2 and successfully installed and activated to Xeroom Version 2.0.3,

once activated it immediately prevents shoppers on site proceeding to payment gateway.
and also POS systems can’t complete order transactions either.

I am using ioncube 10.2 & PHP 7,

Xeroom Plugin Install worked perfectly & so did activation.
I input my License Key and activated it correctly also.

Not sure why it is affecting checkout & pos but I have had to disable plugin again.

Specifically when Xeroom activate, ONLINE Orders: when customer in checkout and presses place order it does not go to payment gateway it just refreshes checkout page.

And in Pos when you try to place order it does the same thing?

How can I figure out why its doing this?

I will uninstall plugin & manually delete its folder again and try again?
But i don’t think this will make a difference.

Any suggestions?