Reply To: Just purchased Xeroom


Hi Peter,
I have purchased my license and whilst setting up in wordpress I got the needs ion cube error, ioncube loader is installed, so I assume its an older version of ioncube loader.

so I followed links provided & downloaded “” for older ioncube version,
from your tutorial link.
I installed & activated licence and all appeared to be working,
Except whilst activated the WooPos stopped working all together and all online customers could not checkout?

So I have deactivated Xeroom, and all is working again.

Server is using PHP 7 and ioncube
(not sure which version -but will be asking web host to upgrade to 10.2 if possible.)

I have a few questions.
1.) Is it normal for POS Checkout & Online Checkout to stop working when xeroom plugin is installed but not synced to xero yet?.

2.) Also, where do I find / download the provided Keys so I can setup xeroom application in xero?
(or is it the files in the folder “library/certs”) ?