Reply To: Discounts & Wholesale Prices

Peter Lloyd

Hi there,

I am trying to find a solution which will allow me to automate my new woocommerce site with Xero. It looks as though your product does this well, but as I am a wholesaler, I am about to install woocommerce Wholesale suite.

Do you see that your product will work still without difficulty when I have this suite installed?

My customers will not ‘pay’ via woocommerce but will just place the order and transfer the funds at a later date – usually 30 days later. But I want the invoice to generate directly from the woocommerce order.



Hi Shayla

There are hundreds of plugins and we have not tested it with that one. I know that is doesn’t currently work on the wholesale prices plugin but will do shortly. I suggest waiting for the next release and testing it with this plugin to see if it works.